Biden Administration Supports Dishonorable Discharge for Unvaccinated Military Personnel

Biden Administration Supports Dishonorable Discharge for Unvaccinated Military Personnel

The Biden administration has stayed deafening silent on many of the country’s most pressing matters, but somehow found the time to turn our heroic men and women of the armed forces into criminals.  “The Biden administration is pushing for dishonourable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID vaccines” reports Summit News.

The White House’s position stems from its response to a proposed amendment from GOP Representative Mark Green of Tennessee. Green proposed an amendment this week to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would prohibit “any discharge but honorable” for troops who refuse vaccines.

“No American who raises their hand to serve our Nation should be punished for making a highly personal medical decision,” Green stated in favor of his proposed amendment.

The White House responded with a statement saying, “The Administration strongly opposes section 716,” because it would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination.”

Additionally, “To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Green then responded to the White House: “I am appalled that the Biden Administration is trying to remove my amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that prevents anything but an honorable discharge for service members who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“This was a bipartisan amendment — every Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee agreed to it” added Green.

The Biden administration also opposed another section of the bill, 720, which proposes troops who have previously had COVID-19 should be exempted from a vaccine mandate. The Biden administration claims it creates “a new and overly broad exemption from the vaccination requirement for previous infection that would undermine the effectiveness of the requirement.”


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