Trump Campaign Says Haley Will 'Kiss A** When She Quits' After She Says Will Stay In the Race

Trump Campaign Says Haley Will 'Kiss A** When She Quits' After She Says Will Stay In the Race

The response from the Trump campaign to Nikki Haley’s decision to continue her presidential bid despite facing a significant deficit in South Carolina was sharp and dismissiveo, with a campaign official making a bold prediction about where Haley’s future lies.

Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, derided Haley, suggesting she would eventually capitulate, stating, “She’s going to drop down to kiss a– when she quits like she always does.”

Despite Haley’s assertion that she won’t succumb to pressure or seek Trump’s approval, Trump’s campaign portrayed her as a quitter without substantial support, Fox News reports.

In contrast to Haley, the Trump campaign expressed confidence in their candidate’s position, predicting his victory on Super Tuesday. They characterized Haley’s campaign as faltering, describing it as “broken down, out of ideas, out of gas.” This portrayal highlights how Haley’s bid is futile and lacks the momentum to pose a serious challenge to Trump, who is the clear favorite to be the candidate for the GOP.

Haley stated that she would stay in the race until the very last vote. “I’m campaigning every day until the last person votes because I believe in a better America and a brighter future for our kids,” Haley said. “Nothing good in life comes easy. I’m willing to take the cuts, the bruises and the name calling because the only way you get to the blessing is by going through the pain.”

The presidential primaries have barely begun. Just three states have voted. That’s right. Three. That’s it. After this weekend, we’ll be four. That’s not a lot,” Haley said, according to Fox News. “In the ten days after South Carolina, another 21 states and territories will vote, and they deserve a real choice, not a Soviet-style election when there’s only one candidate, and he gets 99% of the vote. We don’t anoint kings in this country. We have elections. And Donald Trump, of all people, should know. We don’t rig elections.”

Further exacerbating the tension, Cheung’s mockery extended to Haley’s team, implying they were seeking future opportunities as interns. This exchange on social media underscored the animosity between the two camps and highlighted the Trump campaign’s dismissive attitude towards Haley’s candidacy.

Moreover, Haley’s team accused Trump’s camp of online harassment, adding another layer of contention to the conflict.


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