NYC Mayor Says not Allowing 84,000 Illegals to Work Is ‘Anti-American’

NYC Mayor Says not Allowing 84,000 Illegals to Work Is ‘Anti-American’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams sparked controversy on Tuesday when he criticized the restrictions preventing approximately 84,000 illegal aleisn in the city from working in the United States legally.

Speaking at a press conference where he discussed his administration’s efforts to relocate homeless individuals from shelters to permanent housing, Adams argued that it is “anti-American” to deny migrants the opportunity to find employment upon arrival in the country.

Adams expressed his frustration with the current situation, stating, “It’s just unbelievable what’s happening to the people of the city of New York that are going through this. And nothing is more anti-American than you can’t have a job when you come to America. There’s nothing more anti-American.”

The mayor’s comments come in the midst of legal challenges faced by New York City for relocating predominantly adult, male illegal immigrants to Republican-controlled jurisdictions in upstate New York.

Adams highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by New York City, with hundreds of illegals arriving each week and over 54,100 asylum seekers still under the city’s care out of the total 84,000 who have arrived so far.

He commended efforts to prevent people from sleeping on the streets in tents, and stressed the need for a comprehensive decompression strategy that involves the entire state.

Both Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul, both Democrats, have called on President Biden to expedite work authorization for asylum seekers. They argue that granting migrants the ability to work would allow them to contribute to the city and lead dignified lives.

Adams had previously criticized Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s bussing program, which transported illegals from the southern border to major cities like New York.


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