Person Born Male, Became Female And Now Believes They Are A Wolf, Howls At TV Hosts

Person Born Male, Became Female And Now Believes They Are A Wolf, Howls At TV Hosts

The current argument is that being transgender is not a mental disorder, and it is perfectly normal.

Then one can imagine that they think that Naia Okami, who was born a biological man but then transitioned to a female but now believes she is a wolf, is also perfectly normal.

When Okami appeared on the British television show “This Morning” she claimed to identify as “otherkin therian,” The Daily Wire reported.

“A therian is somebody who believes that they are a non-human animal on a personal, integral level,” she said to the hosts. “Now this isn’t to say that we’re delusional. I don’t physically believe that I’m a wolf. It’s more of a spiritual and psychological identification as a wolf.”

Nah. You are not delusional at all. It is perfectly normal to believe that you are mentally a wolf. Who doesn’t?

“I think a lot of people have a misconception that I think I am literally a wolf and obviously I don’t. I have a serious job, I pay my bills and pay my taxes. This is just how I spiritually express myself,” Okami argued. “If I’m at work or in the grocery store, I’m not going to bark and howl at my cashier.”

And then, to prove how normal she is, she howled at the hosts after being asked to. Because what says normal more than a grown manwomanwolf howling?

In a video shared in 2019, the wolf talked about her wolf identity while wearing furry ears and a tail and running through the woods on all fours as she howled and growled.

“So, physically, I am a British Columbia wolf; black fur, amber eyes,” she said. “The reason I know this is when I dream, a lot of times I am in my wolf form, and I have also had third party dreams where I’ve seen myself.”

We kind of want to know what a third party dream is, but then again probably not.

“My thought process, I think, is wolflike. Obviously, I don’t have a machine that can read the mind of a wolf, but based on observed behaviors of a wolf and their response to stimuli, etc., I feel like it very much applies to me,” she hilariously said.

“Spirituality is a part of it, too,” she insisted. “I feel very spiritually connected as a wolf.”

“Identify as a wolf,” she claimed, means that “I see a wolf, and it’s an automatic association, it’s like, that is me. I don’t know how, but that energy, that entire form embodied is me.”

But being a wolf, and I swear we are not laughing, is not all it is cracked up to be.

“No one wants to be a wolf when it’s time to do wolf s***, right?” she said.. “No one wants to think of a wolf, like, eating apart a helpless, weak, maimed elk that is the runt of the bunch, but wolves to that, too.”

“You can’t have this idealist wonderful view of something that isn’t in-line with reality and identify as that. When I identify as a wolf, I am a wolf,” she said. “I’m not saying I’m sadistic and want to tear small animals apart, I’m just saying I identify with wolves because I’m a wolf.”

Actually, I imagine wolves are fine with identifying as wolves when it is dinner time.

Which raises another question. If a wolf identifies as human could they become President of the United States and, more importantly, could they do a better job than President Joe Biden?


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