'Enough Is Enough': Murdered LAPD Officer's Lieutenant Rips California's 'Woke Narrative' During Eulogy

'Enough Is Enough': Murdered LAPD Officer's Lieutenant Rips California's 'Woke Narrative' During Eulogy

A Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant blasted the”woke narrative” that is feeding what he correctly deemed and “anti-police climate” in California as well as Soros-funded left-wing prosecutors’ reluctance to hold criminals accountable on Wednesday as he delivered a eulogy for a police officer under his command who was allegedly murdered last month by gang members while off-duty.

According to Fox News, hundreds of LAPD officers attended Wednesday’s services to paid tribute to and mourn Fernando Arroyos, who was killed Jan. 10 by a group of ‘suspected’ gang-bangers during a robbery at gunpoint as he was looking at houses with his girlfriend.

“The system and the community that you worked so hard for failed you,” said LAPD Lt. Rex Ingram, Arroyos’ watch commander. “You expressed your concerns to your family many times about how criminals were not being held accountable for their actions, and how it was frustrating for the police and much more heartbreaking for the innocent victims.”

“Your murder will not be in vain, and the violence must stop: Enough is enough,” Ingram said. “You shared with me your worries over the anti-police climate, the refusal to hold criminals accountable, and a woke narrative that only seemed to make things worse, not better.

“But despite those concerns, Fernando, you always carried on. Because you are Fernando Arroyos. Fernando, it is my promise to you that I will continue to wear my badge proudly and continue to protect and serve in your honor,” Ingram added.

Fox News noted further:

Arroyos’ death comes as Los Angeles District Attorney George Gasćon is under fire for his alleged soft-on-crime policies, which see little or no bail for serious offenders and recently sent a 26-year-old trans woman convicted of molesting a 10-year-old girl to be housed in a juvenile facility with females. 

Ingram described the slain officer as a “bright, shining star of hope” and a role model for his fellow officers and for children to emulate. He said he got a strong sense of Arroyos’ intelligence and dedication to the job upon their first meeting.

“You were a product of your community who represented the best of the diverse melting pot we call home in Los Angeles,” he said. “You stood tall, defending life and liberty so that everyone else could live their American Dream.”

During his eulogy, Ingram also noted that Arroyos excelled on the campus at the University of California-Berkeley despite a pervasive anti-police attitude by left-wing faculty and students on campus. Arroyo, Ingram said, blew off the sentiment as he worked on achieving his life-long goal of becoming a police officer, joining the LAPD in 2018.

“Fernando wore his badge with pride and lived up to its promise,” Ingram told mourners, which included fellow officers from numerous departments. “I ask that all of you continue to do the same.”

According to Fox News and local reports, three suspected “Florencia 13” bangers along with a woman are facing federal racketeering charges in connection with the murder of Arroyos.

“Police have identified the suspects as Luis Alfredo De La Rosa Rios, 29, Ernesto Cisneros, 22, Jesse Contreras, 34, and Rios’ girlfriend Haylee Marie Grisham, 18,” Fox News reported. “They could face the death penalty if convicted on federal racketeering charges. The minimum sentence would be life imprisonment without parole.”

The report noted that the fallen LAPD officer and his girlfriend were shopping for a house when they were allegedly held up at gunpoint by Rios and Cisneros. They took some jewelry before there was an exchange of gunfire.

Arroyos was struck by a single round, later dying at the hospital. In addition, Cisneros appeared to have suffered an injury after shots were fired, according to federal prosecutors who said they managed to obtain surveillance video that showed Contreras helping Cisneros out of a black pickup truck that has also been linked to the shooting.


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