Woke Wake Forest Med Student Who Poked Patient Over Pronouns Has Been Punished

Woke Wake Forest Med Student Who Poked Patient Over Pronouns Has Been Punished

The vast majority of young Americans will never have the opportunity to attend medical school, so it stands to reason that those who are fortunate enough to be able to do so would be mindful of not throwing it away.

Not everyone who makes it to med school thinks like that, however, as evidenced by one truly stupid incident that occurred with a Wake Forrest University School of Medicine student, per Fox News:

A fourth-year medical student at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University, Kychelle Del Rosario, is on “extended leave” and will not be seeing patients amid controversy over a tweet suggesting she missed a vein during a blood draw on a patient who disagreed with her political views on transgenderism. 

“Wake Forest School of Medicine has completed a thorough review of the patient encounter with our medical student who recently made an inaccurate statement on social media,” Wake Health spokeswoman Paula Faria said in a statement to Fox News Digital on Friday. “The review determined that the student had no intention to harm the patient and followed Medical Center protocols.”

“The School and the student have agreed upon her taking an extended leave,” Faria added. “During this time the student will not participate in any patient care activities.”

It’s not clear how long Rosario has been placed on “extended leave” or if she will be permanently expelled from the university, but clearly, disciplinary action has been taken.

In a March 29 tweet, Del Rosario wrote: “I had a patient I was doing a blood draw on see my pronoun pin and loudly laugh to the staff ‘She/Her” Well of course it is! What other pronouns even are there? It?’”

“I missed his vein so he had to get stuck twice,” she added.

The impression she left, according to critics, was that she purposefully missed the vein because she was either upset or offended by what the patient said, thereby causing the patient additional pain and discomfort by having to be stuck again as a lesson.

“Amid an outpouring of media coverage, the school has since claimed Del Rosario’s tweet was not an accurate recount of the incident and that in fact, after Del Rosario was unsuccessful in her first attempt at a blood draw, she appropriately deferred to a certified physician who was successful the second time,” Fox News Digital reported, adding that another medical student at the university, Ewen Liu, defended Rosario and instead defined the missed stick as ‘karma’ — the patient had it coming for expressing what rational people know to be true, there are only two genders, male and female.

“To clarify, the missed stick was COMPLETELY an accident and just seemed ‘karma-tic’,” Liu wrote. “She is kind and professional and would never harm anyone intentionally.”

In a recent email to the whole of the student body, the dean of the Wake Forest School of Medicine criticized “unkind people” on the Internet who appeared to take issue with Rosario and not the patient’s “bigotry.”

“It is appalling that the vast majority of the media coverage surrounding Del Rosario’s tweet is critiquing her lack of professionalism rather than her patient’s display of bigotry,” the student newsletter said. “There’s been no known follow-up with the patient concerning the problematic nature of their comments, or even any documentation of their inappropriate behavior.”

To be clear, it’s not a doctor’s (or medical student’s) responsibility to teach a patient ethics or require them to agree with the provider’s worldview. It is their duty to care for all patients equally and to the best of their abilities, period. So the med school dean’s woke comment is garbage.

The fact is, if Rosario did intentionally miss that patient’s vein to inflict a little “karma” then she has no business being in the medical field. Case closed.


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