Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Rips CNN's Brian Stelter, WaPo For Attacking Tucker Carlson

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Rips CNN's Brian Stelter, WaPo For Attacking Tucker Carlson

Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey has taken a verbal pot shot at CNN’s poorly rated, little-watched ‘media analyst’ Brian Stelter as well as a columnist for The Washington Post following a tweet that was critical of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Specifically, Dorsey referenced a tweet from Stelter — whose ‘media analysis’ goggles seem to only focus on Fox News — that said: “Tucker Carlson is always selling the same thing, @pbump says: ‘He’s selling doubt…'”

Stelter was referencing Post columnist Philip Bump, a leftist who highlighted an episode of one of Carlson’s new short-form documentary series posted on Fox News’ streaming service, Fox Nation, called “The End of Men.”

Dorsey responded to the tweet by asking in a tweet, “and you all are selling hope?”

In the column, Bump wrote that Carlson’s presentation “is a weird combination of homophobia and homoerotica” and that the popular Fox News host’s “ultimate destination is the same: White Americans, particularly older men, are embattled in an increasingly hostile culture and he is giving them the tools to fight back.”

After a reporter claimed that Dorsey was “defending” Tucker Carlson, the former Twitter boss responded, “Not defending a thing. Holding up a mirror.”

The Wrap noted further:

Dorsey condensed the rest of his commentary on the topic to a single-word response to a user who suggested that all media — not just one side or the other — are complicit in sowing fear and doubt.

“I thought [Dorsey’s] point was that the press does the same thing, sowing doubt to promote white supremacy and get engagement, often amplifying bad takes, but now I’m not sure anymore,” noted Ellen K. Pao, an investor and former CEO of Reddit, wrote.

“Yes,” he replied.

He added several other replies that were generally critical of the media and social media platforms including Twitter and CNN, the latter for its coverage of race-related riots in Ferguson, Mo., near St. Louis. Dorsey accused the network’s producers and journalists of attempting to “create content and film it.”

“[E]ven @CNN sometimes sell false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand every media is prone to either mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they’re selling you,” Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq, tweeted.

Dorsey responded: “I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant ‘f**k CNN.'”

Dorsey also made news over the weekend when he appeared to be defending billionaire Elon Musk’s attempt to buy the platform the former CEO founded.

He responded critically to the board’s attempts to block Musk cited in this tweet: “If look into the history of Twitter board, it’s intriguing as I was a witness on its early beginnings, mired in plots and coups, and particularly amongst Twitter’s founding members. I wish if it could be made into a Hollywood thriller one day.”

Dorsey responded, “It’s consistently been the dysfunction of the company.”


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