WATCH: Posobiec Visits Ukraine, Says Towns Have Become Defensive Outposts

WATCH: Posobiec Visits Ukraine, Says Towns Have Become Defensive Outposts

Journalist and host of the Human Events Daily podcast Jack Posobiec released a podcast he recorded while on board a train headed from Poland to Ukraine, where he described some of what he saw from the ground.

Posobiec said that he passed an incredible amount of war-torn areas, as well as small towns that had been essentially converted into defensive outposts.

He said that he saw a huge amount of people who were fighting for their country, seeing “small villages with defensive outposts, barricades, volunteers” standing guard, armed with AK47s.”

“And along the way, even at that point, the minute that we crossed from Ukraine into Poland, we immediately started seeing these small villages with defensive outposts, barricades, volunteers of people standing guard at the the entrance road to that village, or that settlement… Armed with AK47s, sometimes wearing uniform, some times wearing kind of makeshift uniforms, and soldiers just everywhere, soldiers on the train, soldiers running the customs checkpoint at the border.”

“Soldiers were ubiquitous throughout the entire time that we traveled in and around Ukraine,” Posobiec continued. “Obviously, as you can imagine, they’ve considerably beefed up their numbers and beefed up their active presence patrols in order to protect against behind-the-scenes or behind the lines activity, being on the lookout for spies being on the lookout for subversives, that type of thing. And so really, the military presence with those ubiquitous golden armbands was just everywhere throughout Ukraine.”

“Americans and Ukrainians are working together,” said Posobiec, who said he saw military-based made up of many veterans, networks, and volunteer-based networks, not official US military.

“We got into Lviv, and it was a pretty hectic area once we got in. Hustle and bustle, people moving everywhere, humanitarian aid, tents all over the place, free meals, some basic humanitarian supplies, and we’re meeting with a local contact who’d give us an address so we were able to find a local taxi driver,” he said, surprised that there were both Uber and local alternative Bolt cars driving people around when he was in the city.

He said that trains were running all the way to the border of Russia, saying that war coverage has not been adequate in explaining the situation in Ukraine.



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