WATCH: NBC’s “Undecided” Voters at Biden Town Hall Previously Stated They’re Voting for the VP

Is it any wonder that Trump says you can’t trust the media?

WATCH: NBC’s “Undecided” Voters at Biden Town Hall Previously Stated They’re Voting for the VP

Is it any wonder that Trump says you can’t trust the media?

Imagine turning on NBC News for the Joe Biden town hall earlier this week thinking that you would be hearing from “undecided” voters with real questions, only to find out that they are adamant Biden supporters who have professed their support previously on NBC’s sister channel, MSNBC.

Lawyer Peter Gonzalez and marketing executive Ismael Llano were both featured as “undecided” voters and questioned Biden during the Monday town hall in Miami, FL.

However, back in August, both men also appeared in an MSNBC segment to explain why they support Biden. Yet here they are, not even two months later, asking questions as “undecided” voters. Is it any wonder that Trump says you can’t trust the media?



According to the Free Beacon:

It is not the first time that television networks have featured Trump opponents masquerading as undecided voters, who are difficult to find and often less publicly vocal about their political views. ABC News last month described several Trump critics as undecided voters, including one who had previously described Trump as a “f—ing moron,” “pathetic,” “pig,” “swine,” and a “punk-ass” on social media.

The fact that NBC news did not respond to a request for comment should tell viewers everything they need to know.

Full story at Free Beacon.

BIDEN: We Can Stay Home During COVID Because “Some Black Woman” Stacked the Grocery Shelf

Biden was quickly roasted on Twitter for his comments

President Trump has proven he is the embodiment of a true leader after contracting the coronavirus while performing the duties of Commander in Chief, instead of keeping himself isolated in a bubble in the White House.

Vice President Joe Biden, on the other hand, has locked himself in his basement for months, leaving for mostly brief media appearances where he rarely takes questions from the press.

In a now-viral video clip, Biden credited people’s ability to stay sequestered in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic because “some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”

Fox News reported the full version of Biden’s comments:

“And they say, ‘Well, why in the hell would you say that Biden? You just talked about all these difficulties.’ Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the American public, the blinders have been taken off,” Biden told the roundtable attendees. “They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer. They’re saying, ‘Jeeze, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Or a young Hispanic is out there, these dreamers are out there, 60,000 of them acting as first responders and nurses and docs.’ Or all of a sudden people are realizing, ‘My Lord, these people have done so much. Not just Black, White, across the board, have done so much for me. We can do this. We can get things done.’ And I think they’re ready.”

Biden was quickly roasted on Twitter for his comments, with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee pointing out the hypocrisy of the media for ignoring his comments. “He didn’t really say that, did he?” he wrote. “Yes, he did. If @realDonaldTrump said that he’d be called racist. But @POTUS didn’t say it. Joe did & the media won’t say a word about it.”

Trump supporters Diamond and Silk wrote, “Jim Crow Joe Biden is a Bigot and a Racist! Black women are not the only ones stocking shelves amid COVID.”

CBS WH Correspondent Says he Felt Safer Reporting in North Korea than at White House

Unsurprisingly, Tracy is getting hammered on Twitter for his comments

After White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tested positive for coronavirus today, CBS correspondent Ben Tracy made a rather dramatic proclamation: He felt safer while reporting in the totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea than he does currently reporting at the White House.

After posting multiple hysterical tweets about McEnany’s diagnosis and how she didn’t wear a mask while briefing reporters yesterday, Tracy wrote, “I felt safer reporting in North Korea than I currently do reporting at The White House. This is just crazy.”

McEnany announced earlier today that she had been diagnosed with coronavirus after testing negative every day since Thursday for the disease. She currently has no symptoms.

Fortunately for Tracy, McEnany also noted in her statement that no members of the press, reporters or producers were listed as close contacts by the White House Medical Unit.

“As an essential worker, I have worked diligently to provide needed information to the American people at this time,” she said. “With my recent positive test, I will begin the quarantine process and will continue working on behalf of the American people remotely.”

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), North Korea is listed as the second most censored country. The list is based on research into the country’s tactics, “tactics ranging from imprisonment and repressive laws to surveillance of journalists and restrictions on internet and social media access.”

In September 2017, two South Korean journalists and their publishers were sentenced to death in absentia in North Korea for “insulting the dignity of the country.”

“North Korea continues to be one of the most repressive countries in the world for journalists,” writes the CPJ.

Unsurprisingly, Tracy is getting hammered on Twitter for his comments. View some of the hilarious responses HERE.


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