VISA Bends to Woke Left, Makes Major Move Against Gun Stores

VISA Bends to Woke Left, Makes Major Move Against Gun Stores

Visa is the latest American corporation to cave to the woke left when it comes to dumping on the Second Amendment.

The world’s biggest payment processor announced on Saturday that the company will launch a separate classification for firearms purchases at gun stores in a sop to gun control advocates.

The company claims that the new classification will allow for easier tracking of firearms sales as a means of helping to prevent mass shootings, according to The Associated Press. Naturally, gun rights advocates see the move as a huge encroachment on the legal sale of firearms by left-wing activists who, 10 minutes ago, were complaining about a ‘woman’s right to privacy’ having been taken away by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

“The (industry’s) decision to create a firearm-specific code is nothing more than a capitulation to anti-gun politicians and activists bent on eroding the rights of law-abiding Americans one transaction at a time,” noted National Rifle Association spokesman Lars Dalseide.

The Daily Wire noted further:

Visa’s decision will allow banks to make decisions with enhanced information on whether they will allow purchases at gun shops on their cards. The move could also cause other corporations like Mastercard and American Express to adopt a similar policy, the AP reported. The payment processing company, however, claimed that it will continue to “protect” the legal selling and purchasing of goods on its network.

“Following ISO’s decision to establish a new merchant category code, Visa will proceed with next steps, while ensuring we protect all legal commerce on the Visa network in accordance with our long-standing rules,” Visa said in a statement.

Far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose Democrat Party never met a fascist policy it didn’t like, said credit card companies should do more to infringe on the rights of Americans engaging in the lawful purchase of a legal, constitutionally protected item.

“Credit card companies like @Visa, @Mastercard, and @AmericanExpress can and should do more to help stop mass shootings,” Warren tweeted. “[Rep. Madeleine Dean] and I are urging these companies to step up and help identify suspicious purchases to prevent gun violence.”

The two Democrats, along with 12 others, recently sent a letter to credit card companies urging them to essentially create an unconstitutional gun registry.

“The creation of a new [merchant category code] for gun and ammunition retail stores would be the first step towards facilitating the collection of valuable financial data that could help law enforcement in countering the financing of terrorism efforts,” the letter said, according to The Daily Wire.

“When you buy an airline ticket or pay for your groceries, your credit card company has a special code for those retailers. It’s just common sense that we have the same policies in place for gun and ammunition stores,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain who blames guns — not the refusal of George Soros-backed district attorneys to put violent people behind bars — for the city’s massive increase in crime.

“Unfortunately, the credit card companies have failed to support this simple, practical, potentially lifesaving tool. The time has come for them to do so,” city comptroller Brad Lander added.


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