WATCH: Jesse Watters Lays Out Concise 'Plan of Action' For Homeless Americans To Get Ahead

WATCH: Jesse Watters Lays Out Concise 'Plan of Action' For Homeless Americans To Get Ahead

Fox News host Jesse Watters opened his “Prime Time” show Friday evening with a monologue detailing the intentional damage done to American cities by far-left Democratic district attorneys whose campaigns were financed by billionaire George Soros.

After showing several examples of violence, crime, drug use, and extensive homelessness in cities like San Francisco — and declaring that in some cities Americans would actually be safer living in Ukraine right now — Watters declared that the time for relying on elected leaders to perform their most basic duty of protecting citizens is over.

It’s not going to happen; Democrats who run our large cities obviously do not care what is happening to them, lest they would have enacted tough-on-crime policies years ago when problems first began to arise.

So instead, Watters changed tactics and appealed to Americans who have found themselves homeless, trapped in endless cycles of poverty, and victimized by drug use and violence with a “plan of action.”

“These politicians don’t care about their people. We cannot rely on the government anymore for anything. So I’m not going to waste my time telling these officials what they need to do anymore,” Watters said. “We have to address the other half of the problem. So tonight, I’m going to talk directly to the homeless, drug addicts and ex-cons. You are better than this. Pick yourself up and pay attention.

“Here’s the plan of action. Get a motel room for an hour and take a shower. Then shave your face. Walk to the thrift shop, buy clean clothes. Get some new shoes. Then you go to the barber shop and you get your hair cut. You stare in that mirror during the hair cut. Your face is clean. You smell clean. You got a new shirt. Look under your own eyes in the mirror. See the real you and say to yourself, ‘This is who I am,’” Watters continued.

“Then you hop on a bus and get as far as away from your sleazy crew, as far as possible. Go back to your family or, if you can’t, get outside of that city where there is not a dealer on every block and get yourself a job, any job. Because a job gives you purpose. Take a broom, an apron, a lawn mower, I don’t care. Do what you have got to do. Work all day and save money. Save 10% of your paycheck. Put it away,” Watters continued. “And then drink a lot of water. Do some pushups, go for a walk, find a book, read, sleep all night and work all day.”

Watters then wrapped up the monologue by urging people to change their own lives.

“It’s that simple. Listen to your conscience. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Live in the moment. And every moment is an opportunity to make a decision,” Watters said. “Who do you want to be? You want to be better. And that’s how you get a fresh start. Your life will change if you do these things. And you don’t have to thank me.”



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