Trump Says U.S. More Disunified That Ever, Started Under Obama

Trump Says U.S. More Disunified That Ever, Started Under Obama

Former President Donald Trump joined SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly last week to discuss his 2024 election, the state of the nation, and why he wanted to run again in the first place as he faces four separate legal cases and a civil fraud trial in New York City.

“You could be going into your 78th year enjoying this beautiful golf course. Mar-a-Lago, your lovely family. You don’t have to be running for President, sitting for four criminal trials, some civil, and possibly looking at jail time. Is it worth it?,” Kelly asked.

“Yeah. Make America Great Again. Our country’s going to hell. Our country is going down. You don’t realize it. I don’t believe you realize it. But our country is going down,” Trump began. “Our country – and I used to say we’re going to end up being, if we don’t do certain things, we’re going to end up being Venezuela on steroids.”

“This is the most important election we’ve ever had. You know, I used to say 2016 was the most important and it was a very important election. And we turned the country around. We had the greatest economy in history. What we did is incredible. We knocked out a lot of enemies. We got them out. I took everybody out of these crazy wars that nobody wanted to be in,” Trump continued.

“Even the other country that was protected – they didn’t want us spending trillions and trillions of dollars. But our country is going bad. Our country is being destroyed. When you look at our cities, with what’s pouring into our cities now. They can’t handle what they have,” he said.

“But we had a country that was actually really coming together because of success. I was getting calls, Megyn, from the most liberal people. I would call them radical left, wanting to get together and then we got hit with COVID,” he claimed.

“Our country was coming together because of success. African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, women, men, people with degrees from MIT, from Wharton, from Harvard. People with no degree at all, people with no high school. Everybody had great jobs. Everybody was making more money and people were coming together. People wanted to see me. They wanted to meet, people that normally, that wouldn’t take place,” the 45th president said.

“Our country has never been this disjointed and this disunified and it started with President Obama,” he added, prompting Kelly to say that America actually has been more divided “a couple of times.”

“It started with President Obama and it’s now at a level that nobody’s ever seen before, the, you know, the two sides,” Trump continued.

“You have two sides. But I believe that our side, and look, I represent everybody as president. I represent everybody. But I believe that the people that love this country, and they want to make it great again, that really want to make it you know, sustainable because it’s not sustainable right now. I believe they far outweigh the other side,” he said.



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