Judge Joe Brown Flees Dem Party - The Reason Will Shock You

Judge Joe Brown Flees Dem Party - The Reason Will Shock You

Celebrity former television Judge Joe Brown has decided to abandon the Democrat Party and he has explained why.

“I’m an independent now. I can’t stand the Democratic Party. Really,” he said on The PBD podcast.

“What happened? What caused you to change?” the host said.

“They decided to be anti-family and anti-man, and I don’t buy into that,” the judge said.

“Has it always been like that?” he said.

“No, it wasn’t,” the judge said. “Something happened. They kind of got stuck over there in that far left corner someplace and they forgot about the working people in this country.”

“When do you think that happened, judge? Because you ran as a Democrat. Now you’re…” the host said.

“It bothers me. Somewhere in the last 55 years, what’s happened is the country has switched over into glorifying what I call dysfunction,” the judge said. “And at some point it’s just enough is enough. You’ve got a thing right now where they’re trying to groom children in school. They’re trying to install a secular religion as the official religion of the country. People don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore, so they want to give them one.”

“But in this one it says you have no duty on or obligation, responsibility, accountability, be what the hell you want to be,” he said. ” Just get your freak on and there you go. But that’s not sufficient to keep people working.”

In September, rown, who is best known for his role as a daytime TV arbiter of cases and a former Shelby County, Tenn., jurist, shredded the left-wing district attorneys in Manhattan and Fulton County, Ga., over charges they have filed against former President Donald Trump.

In a discussion with conservative commentator Rev. Jesse Peters, Brown responded to the myriad of charges against Trump, which he described as “being completely outside of the law.”

“Take what this clown [Alvin] Bragg did in New York,” he continued. “Like Trump or not, what they did is indict him for being the victim of a blackmail attempt. They say he attempted to bribe [adult film star] Stormy Daniels to keep her silent,” Brown began.

“This guy [Bragg] didn’t go to law school or didn’t pay much attention when he was there because when you flip the script, as you’re instructed [during] the first year, if you had to pay somebody to be quiet, then you got blackmailed,” Brown continued. “So [Trump] is the victim of a felony.”

He also said that Trump was essentially indicted for failing to disclose payment amounts, but had he done so, “he would have violated a court gag order.”

Regarding the charges filed against him by special counsel Jack Smith in Florida, allegedly for mishandling classified documents, Brown cited a 1988 U.S. Supreme Court case involving the U.S. Navy in which the justices ruled that presidents have “an inherent power to declassify or classify anything, any document” because the law notes that intelligence documents are specifically prepared for the president.

“The idea that three individuals … are gonna deprive the American public of who they wanna vote for is absolutely disturbing,” he went on.


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