Trudeau Humiliated AGAIN by European Leaders: 'Disgrace to Democracy'

Trudeau Humiliated AGAIN by European Leaders: 'Disgrace to Democracy'

German Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson of Germany roasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying that the leader is guilty of violating “democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.”

“A prime minister who openly admires the Chinese basic dictatorship, who tramples as human rights, by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists, because they dare stand up to his perverted concept of democracy, should not be allowed to speak in this House at all. Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy, please spare us your presence,” said Anderson.

In 2013, Trudeau told members of the Asian-Canadian community that he had admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship.”

He said so after being asked which country he admired the most. He said: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

The tone-deaf politician said so in front of Chinese, Taiwanese, Tibetan, and Korean immigrants, all of whom said that they had suffered from China’s dictatorship.

Several MEPs have roasted Trudeau over his tyrannical hot streak, which really took off following the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. The prime minister invoked a never-before-used piece of legislation, known as the Emergencies Act (previously known as the War Measures Act) to forcibly clear protestors from the capital’s downtown core.

This legislation was never used before—not even after 9/11, or when a gunman killed Canadian military members on the foot of Parliament Hill.

Trudeau’s visit to Europe was filled with condemnation. Yesterday, a Croatian MEP made similar remarks, telling Trudeau to his face that he was acting as if he was a dictator


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