Truckers NOT LEAVING Canadian Capital Until Freedom Restored

Truckers NOT LEAVING Canadian Capital Until Freedom Restored

The Ottawa Freedom Convoy‘s organizer, along with her lawyer, held a press conference in the nation’s capital today, where she said that the convoy would remain until restrictions are dropped in Canada.

Organizer Tamara Lich told the press that the convoy would leave, on very strict conditions: “Let me assure the people of Ottawa that we have no intent to stay one day longer than necessary. Our departure will be based on the prime minister doing what is right: ending all mandates and restrictions on our freedoms.” Trudeau has constantly smeared the working class uprising as being “racist.”

Lich also thanked those who donated to the GoFundMe. The freedom convoy’s GoFundMe garnered over $10 million in donations before being frozen by the platform as they reviewed the cause. “Our accountants and lawyers have been working hard to deal with the legal details.”

“Our lawyers sent GoFundMe all the detail they’ve asked for. I’m confident that GoFundMe has all the information needed to immediately lift the suspension they put on our campaign,” she said.

Lich said that while the efforts have been strong, that no one in the Trudeau team has even reached out to the truckers. Additionally, the provincial government and the city of Ottawa’s government have also not reached out to the truckers. “So far, no one from the federal, provincial, or municipal government has spoken directly with us. Instead, they are using you, the media, to portray us as racists, misogynists, and even terrorists.

“As a woman with Metis heritage, a mother, and a grandmother, I’m offended.

“The reality is that members of this freedom movement are average, peace-loving, law-abiding citizens from all walks of life, who are fed up with being disrespected and bullied by our government.

The freedom convoy’s lawyer, Keith Wilson, went into detail of how the movement has made efforts to arrange lawyers and accountants for when the money is delivered.

“We’ve taken steps to establish appropriate banking and other arrangements. all the funds that have not yet made it to that bank account are being held in trust for the benefit of the movement. An accountant and lawyers are involved,” he said.

“All the legal and accounting check boxes have occurred there’s audit procedures and so on in place, that will allow GoFundMe to flow the funds that so many have donated.

“Once we reach the point where GoFundMe has released the funds, the cooperate lawyer experts on the team and accountants are currently refining the process for truckers and others who have been involved in the convoy and are here now to be reimbursed, and we will be communicating that to them so that they can make claims,” said Wilson.



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