TRIGGERED: Twitter Employees FREAK OUT After Elon Musk Buys Platform

TRIGGERED: Twitter Employees FREAK OUT After Elon Musk Buys Platform

Woke Twitter employees are having a meltdown over Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Staff took to Elon’s platform to voice their displeasure.

Musk has made his mission statement of making Twitter a more free-speech oriented platform clear from the beginning, something that leftists at the company have taken quarrel with.

A Twitter employee source reached out to The New York Times reporter Talmon Smith to discuss how uneasy they were now with the company’s future.

“I feel like im going to throw up..I rly don’t wanna work for a company that is owned by Elon Musk,” they wrote.

“I don’t rly know what I’m supposed to do…oh my god, my phone’s been blowing up…We have a meeting about it at 5pm…the CEO is going to address everyone about it,” the message continues.

“I hate him, why does he even want this?” the employee said in a text. The employee’s identity has been kept private.

“I feel like he’s this petulant little boy and that he’s doing this to troll…he doesn’t know anything about our policies and what we do…his statement about our algo was fucking insane…

“Were just gonna let everyone run amok?…nobody knows” the person continued.

The anonymous texter made a reference to a board meeting, which was addressed by Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

The statement reads: “Team, The Twitter Board has announced it has entered into an agreement for Twitter to be acquired by a private entity fully owned and controlled by Elon Musk. I know this is a significant change and you’re likely processing what this means for you and Twitter’s future. I will be gathering the company together at 2pm pacific to speak with you directly and answer your questions. I have also invited our Chairman of the Board, Bret Taylor, to join us. See you there. Always #OneTeam, Parag.”

Other comments from Twitter include the following freakouts:

“I don’t know what Twitter the platform or Twitter the workplace is going to look like going forward, but right now, it feels like maybe some things are just too good, too magical to last. Only time will tell.”

“one of my favorite projects was to help twitter go public so i guess it’s only proper to be here as we go private”

“A lot of free speech going on in our Slack rn”

“Can someone just tell me if I’m rich or fired please”


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