Triggered Canadian Liberals Blame TRUMP and RUSSIA for Trucker Freedom Convoy

Triggered Canadian Liberals Blame TRUMP and RUSSIA for Trucker Freedom Convoy

Canadian politicians are panicking over the freedom protest, and have resorted to comparing the protests to the events on January 6 in Washington, DC.

Politicians and the media alike have gone so far as to call the protestors “anti-democratic,” suggesting that they could be “Russian” actors and that they are “seditious” and “insurrectionists.”

On Tuesday, a City Councillor for Ottawa named Diane Deans appeared on Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, to express how the protestors were using tactics out of the “Trump playbook.”

“We all need to work together this is not something this country has ever seen before. Mark Carney referred to it as sedition before, I think that’s exactly what it is. This is treason this is a group of well-polished professional people that are trying to overthrow a democratically elected government of this country.”

“It’s not targeted at the city of Ottawa, it’s much bigger than that. It’s really an insurrection. It’s an attack on our democracy and an attack on our federal government. it has a lot of international elements to it. Money is flowing from the US. It’s right out of the Trump playbook,” she said.

Her words were inspired by Mark Carney, who she mentioned in her rant. Carney served as the general of the Bank of Canada as well as England. Carney wrote in a column for the Globe and Mail that the events in Ottawa are a “sedition.”

“That’s a word I never thought I’d use in Canada. It means ‘incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority,'” he wrote.

“On Sunday, authorities began to draw the line. Declaring a state of emergency was the right thing to do,” he continued.

“From now on, those who are occupying the downtown of our country’s capital should be in no doubt. They are no longer simply advocating a different strategy to end COVID-19. They are not patriots. This is not about “restoring freedom” but beginning anarchy. This isn’t getting carried away at a rally. It’s not a rush of blood to the head. It’s deliberate and calculated, and because of that, they must know that from now on, there will be consequences for their actions,” Carney wrote.

The leader of the NDP, Canada’s third-largest party (besides the separatist French Canadian Bloc Quebecois) Jagmeet Singh commented on Twitter that Canada had plunged into “Trumpism.”

“The spread of Trumpism into Canada must be stopped.

“Foreign actors and money cannot be allowed to sow division in Canada.

“US interference from the extreme right and millions of dollars via anonymous foreign sources must be shut down,” said Singh.

The CBC also recently had to retract comments that Russia could be playing a role in the freedom convoy admitting that those assertions were not based in fact.

Finally, the prime minister himself, Justin Trudeau, has on various occasions called the protestors anti-democratic in nature, as they did not support a “democratically elected government.”

“Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop,” said the prime minister, during an emergency on Monday night.

“People of Ottawa don’t deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhoods, or deserve to be confronted by the inherent violence of a swastika on the street corner or a confederate flag, or the insults and jeers just because they’re wearing a flag. That’s not who Canada or Canadians are, that’s not what Canadians have demonstrated over the past two years,” said Trudeau.


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