The Downfall of CNN+ Keeps Getting Mocked: 'Do You Want to Watch 'The Mandalorian' or Extra Brian Stelter?'

The Downfall of CNN+ Keeps Getting Mocked: 'Do You Want to Watch 'The Mandalorian' or Extra Brian Stelter?'

CNN+, the network’s brand-new streaming service, is shutting down after less than a month, and the closure has continued to draw mocking responses from a range of people who are having fun at the left-wing broadcaster’s expense.

The Blaze notes:

Warner Bros. Discovery shuttered CNN+ last week – only three weeks after the failed streaming service launched. There were reports that CNN+ was only attracting 10,000 daily viewers despite the network having spent an estimated $300 million to launch the service and another $100 to $200 million to promote the doomed venture. Many reactions to the demise of CNN+ lampooned the network’s disastrous streaming service.

Some of those taking verbal pot shots at the network are former employees.

“I defy you to find any reasonable person who ever believed that viewers would pay extra money for the dregs of CNN when it was competing for their wallets with Netflix and Disney Plus,” a former CNN producer told Fox News. “Do you want to watch ‘The Mandalorian’ or extra Brian Stelter?”

A current CNN insider added: “I didn’t get this whole thing from day one. I’m not commenting on the content here. I mean – the basic product itself. I didn’t get why the massive money was spent after a merger had been announced. It was like, ‘Wheee! AT&T gave us the money, let’s burn it!’ I don’t understand it.”

Another CNN insider added in an interview with the New York Post that the “big people will likely be saved,” but the producers and showrunners will likely face six months in severance or nothing at all.

“Everyone is aghast and furious,” the insider told the Post.

Here is a smattering of additional responses to the closure:

— Meghan McCain wrote in the Daily Mail, “Keep in mind, these are also the same people who told coal miners who lost their jobs to go back to college and ‘learn to code.'” She went on to note that the main network lost 70 percent of its viewers between February 2021 and February 2022.

She went on to ask, “Why would anyone at CNN believe that the American public would pay extra for content from a brand that is already struggling to bring in audiences?”

“If someone pitched this idea to me, I would have said that they had been spending too much time in the Hamptons with Chris Cuomo and not enough time in the real world where Tik Tok stars, Joe Rogan, and Fox News primetime are the dominating media forces,” McCain added

— Top podcaster Joe Rogan: “They spent $300 million. They got 10,000 subscribers. Imagine the hubris of thinking that something that people don’t want for free? That you’re going to charge money for it.”

He then said mockingly that a possible CNN+ executive meeting about programming, “‘We’re gonna have a Jake Tapper book club.'”

Rogan added, “Jake Tapper seems like a great guy. But I mean, I feel like I don’t have to pay for his book club. I feel like you should put that on Twitter.”

— South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem also took a shot at CNN+ as well as President Joe Biden in a single tweet.

She did so after CNN producer Ellie Smith on Thursday warned people against tweeting “something snarky” following the network’s subscription service being canceled, leaving “hundreds” out of a job, and called for people to “be kind.”

“PSA if you’re going to tweet something snarky about CNN+, hundreds of journalists and technicians who did nothing but work their tails off just had the rug pulled out from under them,” Smith tweeted. “So be kind.”

Noem said in response: “Now you know how the Keystone XL Pipeline workers feel.”


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