Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Over Lifting of Title 42: ‘More Suffering And Hardship’

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Over Lifting of Title 42: ‘More Suffering And Hardship’

Former Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard took aim at President Joe Biden’s ‘open bordrers’ policies once again on Saturday, blaming him for causing even “more suffering and hardship.”

The fresh criticism came amid reports that a Texas Army National Guard soldier likely drowned trying to save the lives of two migrants crossing illegally from Mexico. It also comes following the administration’s announcement earlier this month it would be lifting Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allowed for immediate deporation of most illegal aliens during the pandemic.

“Out of compassion, a National Guardsman heroically dove into the Rio Grande River to save two illegal immigrants on the verge of drowning. They lived—he didn’t. Those who are trying to protect our borders are the real humanitarians, not those who advocate for open borders…” Gabbard, a former Hawaii Army National Guard member currently serving as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves.

“…which mainly benefit the gangs and cartels, who profit from human trafficking and smuggling contraband, that are now thriving under this Administration’s open-border policy,” Gabbard continued. “The establishment’s plan to repeal Title 42 will make the situation even worse…”

As reported by the site Patriots for America on Friday:

As the state of Texas continues to deal with masses of illegal migrants, a tragic incident occurred on Thursday that puts new onus on the White House’s border policies.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has confirmed the guardsman’s death, informing reporters that the body has been recovered. The agency also said more details about the incident would be given in a later statement.

“Multiple sources tell me a Texas National Guard soldier has just drowned in the Rio Grande here in Eagle Pass while trying to save migrants in the water. Texas DPS confirms, and tells me a body has been recovered. I’m told a statement will be coming out soon,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted.

He added Sunday morning in a tweeted video clip: “Good morning from Eagle Pass, TX where illegal crossings continue nonstop. This group just walked across the Rio Grande as it runs lower in the AM hours. Just a few miles away is where a TX National Guard soldier presumably drowned. Still not found after nearly 48 hours.”

According to the Texas Star Tribune, since the incident, some Texas Guard commanders have barred their soldiers from entering the water at all, while others have ordered their troops to only enter the water if they are wearing a flotation device.


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