Struggling Michigan Bar Owner in Biden Ad Revealed to be Wealthy Tech CEO

The Blind Pig co-owner blamed President Trump, not Democratic Gov. Whitmer, for his bar's economic downturn

Struggling Michigan Bar Owner in Biden Ad Revealed to be Wealthy Tech CEO

The Blind Pig co-owner blamed President Trump, not Democratic Gov. Whitmer, for his bar's economic downturn

In a pathetic attempt to appeal to smear President Trump and score with working-class voters, the Biden campaign released an ad featuring a struggling bar owner who also just so happens to be a wealthy tech investor.

The latter information, of course, was conveniently omitted from the Biden commercial.

Fox News reports that the ad first aired on Sunday on CBS during NFL games and features Joe Malcoun, who is listed as the co-owner of the popular Michigan bar, The Blind Pig, as he blames President Trump for his failing business.

“For 50 years, The Blind Pig has been open and crowded – but right now it’s an empty room,” says Malcoun in the ad. “This is the reality of Trump’s COVID response.”

“We don’t know how much longer we can survive not having any revenue. A lot of restaurants, bars that have been mainstays for years will not make it through this. This is Donald Trump’s economy,” he continued. “There’s no plan, you don’t know how to move forward. It makes me so angry. My only hope for my family and this business and my community is that Joe Biden wins this election. That’s the kind of person we need.”

Malcoun, interestingly enough, also supported Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmier’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders which forced businesses like Malcoun’s to shut their doors. In April, he tweeted the governor was “doing it right” in continuing lockdown measures.

Fox News writes:

After inheriting money from his wife’s grandfather, which he likened to “winning the lottery,” Malcoun said he founded CKM Capital Partners in 2013 and eventually became an “angel investor” in local tech companies, according to a 2018 interview with Click On Detroit.

He’s also served as CEO of Nutshell, a customer relationship management software company, since 2014, and under his leadership, the firm raised at least $5.5 million in angel and venture capital, according to his Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40 profile.

Malcoun also co-founded Cahoots, a co-working tech hub, and purchased three buildings in downtown Ann Arbor to host entrepreneurs.

According to Federal Election Commission data, Malcoun donated $5,000 to Biden For President in July.

Malcoun responded to reports about his background, saying the story “is not about me or any individual.”

“I am the mechanism for telling a story on behalf of thousands of others,” he tweeted. “Right now thousands of venue employees and musicians are out of work and millions of fans were robbed of live music experiences. That is the real tragedy.

Read the full report HERE.

VICTORY: Family Restaurant Found Not Guilty for Reopening in Defiance of Governor’s Order

A Taste of Sicily in Lebanon County, PA reopened its doors in May after having been closed for two months

A Pennsylvania restaurant has been found not guilty of violating the governor’s restrictions after reopening in the midst of the state’s COVID shutdown.

A Taste of Sicily in Lebanon County, PA reopened its doors in May after having been closed for two months. The restaurant owners, siblings Michael Mangano and Christine Wartluft left it up to customers whether they wanted to socially distance or wear a mask.

The restaurant was hit with nearly $10,000 in state citations for reopening and fought against Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 restrictions for months.

The Daily Caller reports:

Wolf had fixated his attention on Lebanon County and the Republican leadership supporting small businesses like Taste of Sicily that defied state orders. Wolf decided to withhold $13 million in funding from the county on July 17, leaving it as the only county in the state to have been cut off from the $625 million package of coronavirus relief funds. Wolf blamed the Republican-controlled Board of Commissioners, according to WPXI.

“The mask mandate, the plexiglass, the social distancing, all of those things that the governor and [Secretary of Health Rachel] Levine were implementing are not an enforceable citation,” Mangano tells the Caller. “In other words, they can’t legally enforce that. This says that any fine that you get from the state is legally non-enforceable.”

Mangano has a message for other business owners who are facing government citations in the midst of the coronavirus: “When you get these fines from these agents do not pay them. Plead not guilty, and take them to court,” he said. “As you can see, we won because they had no legal right to fine us for those mandates and guidelines the governor and Levine implemented.”

“You have to stick together and go to court.”

A Who’s Who of Legal Minds Arranged As Campaigns Prepare For Voter Fraud

Biden’s campaign told Fox News Monday that they have “created the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history.” It involves legal, communications and political strategies in anticipation of an ”unprecedented” election. Strategies include supporting election jurisdictions, voter education to raise awareness of the options they have and “aggressive responses to vote suppression activities, and robust programs for identifying and countering foreign interference and misinformation from foreign or domestic sources” reported Fox News.

A national team for “special litigation” was also developed to focus on state-by-state protection of voter access to polls and a “fair and accurate vote count. Leading the outreach program is Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General under the Obama administration. The Biden campaign source said despite the legal team they are putting together with hundreds of lawyers, thousands of lawyers and volunteers are involved in the overall voter protection program.

Similarly, Republicans have formed a “Lawyers for Trump” coalition aimed at protecting the “integrity” of November’s elections. “Democrats are working to shred election integrity measures one state at a time and there’s no question they’ll continue their shenanigans from now to November and beyond,” said Trump campaign general counsel Matthew Morgan.

“Lawyers for Trump” has some heavy hitters from the GOP and “Trump allied-attorneys like former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, former Attorney General Ed Meese and the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani” according to Fox News. Their agenda is to “Protect the Vote” for fear that “Democrats are trying to use coronavirus and the courts to legalize ballot harvesting, implement a nationwide mail-in ballot system, and eliminate nearly every safeguard in our elections.”

It is no secret Democrats are preparing for battle in the event of a Trump re-election. Trump’s 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton has already lent her two cents to Biden. She told him not to concede an election loss under “any circumstance.”

Let’s hope the American voters pick our next president, not a battle of the wits amongst legal minds.


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