Steve Bannon Creating Blockchain-Based, Crypto Service for Conservatives

Steve Bannon Creating Blockchain-Based, Crypto Service for Conservatives

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon announced that he will be launching the first phase of a “new financial system for conservatives.” Bannon, a known advocate of cryptocurrencies, says that he will do so with a service that uses blockchain technology.

The project, titled Freedom Jobs Business Organization (FJB), seeks to provide economic freedom for conservatives through “security and ownership of data by administering the mechanisms of a trustless, transparent, and decentralized system.” It will create P2P and B2B protocols on blockchain that will be “digitalizing real-world assets is the finance of the future.”

The Bannon team released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the mobile application will be a type of “conservative crypto-wallet.”

“The team sees their new cryptocurrency and wallet app as an essential tool for truckers, conservatives, small business owners, and anyone else who is being banned from payment processors and traditional financial services,” the statement reads.

“Former White House Chief Strategist under the Trump Administration, Stephen K. Bannon, had previously signaled his desire to create a ‘deplorables coin’ to help conservatives build their own financial system,” the statement continues. “Now he is involved in the Freedom Jobs Business Organization and has been announcing it as not only the realization of this idea of a new financial system, but also an entirely new community for Americans.”

“We’re building a community that you can be a part of. We will never back down, ever. They’re trying to destroy this country […] We are going to fight it every day. We are going to stand up,” said Bannon.

The FJB team will aim to “create a parallel financial system have been lauded by conservative icons and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs alike, who see this as a unique way to bring millions of new people into the crypto economy.”

Erik Finman, a known crypto advocate and part of the FJB team, will service as Senior Strategic Advisor and “has acknowledged their intention to lean into the culture wars and make their position well known.”

Finman “had previously announced his intention to sway the 2022 midterms in conservatives’ favor by injecting millions of dollars across different races. He appears to be using the Freedom Jobs Business Organization to upscale these efforts.”

“This is a crucial moment not just for the Freedom Jobs Business Organization, but for anybody who cares about freedom and economic opportunity.

He continued: “We’ve seen far too many good, honest Americans silenced for fear of losing access to the traditional financial system. Big Tech cannot be allowed to keep a stranglehold on America. This is a real conservative alternative to coinbase,” Finman stated.

“This marks the moment we build a new financial system, and the moment we take the muzzle off everyday Americans. We are tired of hiding, tired of being backed into a corner, and tired of being silent. Money talks, and the Freedom Jobs Business Organization gives Americans a loud voice to say what they’ve really been feeling – without having to worry about losing access to a financial system. It’s time to put your cards on the table and show where you stand, no more pretending,” he said.

The FJB’s website says that they ” believe that the decentralization of our economic and legacy financial systems is critical to the future of our nation. The FJB blockchain project will provide a sovereign-grade, immutable ledger with open, non-discriminatory participation that is permissionless and censorship-resistant.”


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