Senate Hearing for Biden's "Ministry of Truth" Boss CANCELED After Disastrous Press

Senate Hearing for Biden's "Ministry of Truth" Boss CANCELED After Disastrous Press

The Biden Administration’s new disinformation czar, the self-titled “Mary Poppins of disinformation” herself, Nina Jankowicz, was slated to testify in front of Senate this month, according to a source.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Jankowicz was set to participate in a hearing on “disinformation, information, and malinformation” on May 10 to discuss the Ministry of Truth, of which she chairs.

Democrats were apparently reluctant to have Jankowicz be questioned by Senate Republicans, leading to the entire hearing being scrapped at once.

“They yanked it when the entire ‘disinformation board’ blew up,” a senior aide told the Free Beacon. “They realized there’s no way they could reschedule without Nina Jankowicz being called to testify.”

The hearing was scheduled in April and was likely canceled because of the storm of negative press that Jankowicz had received upon being appointed to the board.

“The hearing would have been an opportunity for Republicans to question not only Jankowicz but also the creation of the board in the first place,” the Free Beacon reports.

It is well known by now that Jankowicz had called the Hunter Biden laptop story “Russian influence operation,” with the White House being particularly tight-lipped over her comments.

The Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee scheduled the hearing in April, with the event’s axing being called “out of the ordinary” by the Free Beacon. Hearings are not usually canceled unless a witness falls ill or has a last-minute scheduling conflict.


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