Sen. Tim Scott Rails At MSNBC's Constant Race-Baiting Over Trump

Sen. Tim Scott Rails At MSNBC's Constant Race-Baiting Over Trump

Former 2024 GOP presidential contender Sen. Tim Scott, whose name as been mentioned as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, sounded off on far-left MSNBC over its hosts’ constant race-baiting and gaslighting viewers regarding the former president.

In an appearance on Fox News with host Sean Hannity, Scott noted why Trump remains the most popular Republican.

“A great night for Donald Trump. He ran the tables from sea to shining sea and had the greatest victory we’ve seen on a Super Tuesday. Why is that the case? It’s the case, Sean, of what you just talked about,” the South Carolina Republican began.

“Every county in America is a border county. Think of the 2-year-old in DC, murdered by an illegal immigrant from Honduras. The 14-year-old young lady in Maryland murdered by another illegal immigrant. Illegal immigration is devastating the country, and that is not considering the 70,000 Americans who have lost their lives because of fentanyl,” he continued.

“So, of course, the American people are frustrated, irritated, and disgusted by Joe Biden’s lack of policy. An insecure, wide-open, unsafe border, it’s devastating community after community. We were better off under Donald Trump. We had respect in our streets, we didn’t have chaos we had law and order. Why? Because we refunded the police not defund the police,” he added.

“But let me say this, Sean. MSNBC, or as you say it, MSDNC, race card, after race card, after race card. I am sick and tired of their tired old — race and bait strategy. Four of 10 Black men aren’t being race-baited. Why? Because it’s clear if you care about our nation and you want a sovereign border. We got to close it. That is good for white people and black people, Hispanics, and Asians,” Scott said.

“It’s why Hispanics today support Donald Trump over Joe Biden. It is why we see millennials who can’t buy homes supporting Donald Trump. I’ll say it clearly we need 4 more years of Donald Trump because we need 4 more years of law and order, for more years of low unemployment, 4 more years of low inflation. What we cannot take and cannot stand is four more years of a president who is asleep at the wheel and protected by the likes of MSDNC,” he said.



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