San Diego Moves to Make Itself a 'Safe City' for Abortion

San Diego Moves to Make Itself a 'Safe City' for Abortion

Members of the San Diego city council will submit a proposal during Tuesday’s meeting to declare that San Diego will be a “safe city for reproductive freedom and access to abortion.”

According to Fox News Digitial, members of the council including Councilman Stephen Whitburn, who wrote the resolution, along with Council President Pro Tempore Monica Montgomery Steppe and Councilwomen Jennifer Campbell and Marni von Wilpert will make the announcement.

If the proposal is passed, it would mean that it would establish San Diego as the first US city to declare itself a “Safe haven for abortion.”

Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vagas of San Diego County are considering similar proposals to urge Californians to put abortion access in the state Constitution.

“It is time for California to enshrine the right to choose in our state constitution,” said Lawson-Remer. “We cannot stand by as people across our nation are stripped of our rights, and the progress so many have fought for is erased. We can build a firewall in the California state constitution and be a beacon of safe and legal abortion access.”

The proposal is similar in nature to one passed in September of last year in response to Texas’s law that put a ban on most abortions. That resolution passed 3-1 and “proclaimed the county a champion of reproductive freedom,” reports Fox News.

The proposal consideration also comes just weeks after the San Diego Unified School District passed a resolution on abortion rights.

That resolution reaffirms “the right of students to release themselves from school to seek these confidential services without parental notification or consent.”

LA County also recently unanimously passed a resolution to call for abortion to be codified.

The proposals come after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion signaled that the court was readying to overturn Roe v. Wade.


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