'Rigged!' Haley Blasts Nevada Primary, Says They Are Skewed For Trump Victory

'Rigged!' Haley Blasts Nevada Primary, Says They Are Skewed For Trump Victory

Former UN ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is speaking out ahead of the Nevada GOP primary scheduled for Tuesday, alleging that the competition is unfairly skewed in favor of her primary rival and current Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Haley made the decision to withdraw from the race several weeks ago, opting to allocate her campaign resources to different priorities.

“In terms of Nevada, we have not spent a dime nor an ounce of energy on Nevada. We made the decision early on that we were not going to pay $55,000 to a Trump entity that you know to participate in a process that was rigged for Trump,” Betsy Ankeny, Haley’s campaign manager, said during a call with reporters on Monday, the Washington Examiner reported. “Nevada is not and has never been our focus.”

This has also led to a near-complete withdrawal of other Republican candidates from Nevada. They have refrained from campaigning in the state, citing their belief that the Nevada Republican Party remains steadfastly loyal to Trump.

“We’re not sure what the Trump team is up to out there, but the base seemed pretty spun up about it, but we are focused on South Carolina,” Ankeny added, noting that Haley is laser-focused on winning her home state of South Carolina.

The situation in Nevada is somewhat distinctive, as it essentially features two GOP primaries. The first of these is one that Haley is expected to win since she’s the only one on the ballot. “For Republican voters in Nevada, Tuesday’s state-run Republican ballot only has [Haley] as a major candidate. She is, therefore, all but guaranteed to win, but it’s largely meaningless,” Reuters explained.

“That’s because only candidates participating in a separate Republican caucus on Thursday can compete for the state’s 26 delegates to the Republican National Convention in July when the party formally nominates its candidate,” the outlet continued.

The Trump-friendly state party is running the competing caucus, and since only Trump is on the ballot, he is almost certainly going to win on Thursday and win all of the state’s delegates.

Voters have the option to take part in both primaries. There have been reports suggesting that pro-Trump voters might turn out on Tuesday and select “none of the above” as a form of protest vote against Haley.


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