Resident In Dem-Run City Fed Up As Officials Target His U.S. Flag Display While Ignoring Homeless Camps

Resident In Dem-Run City Fed Up As Officials Target His U.S. Flag Display While Ignoring Homeless Camps

A Los Angeles business owner is fed up with the Democrat supermajority for what they are prioritizing in terms of making the city a better place to live.

Arik Air, owner of Motostyles, a motorcycle accessory and remote control hobbies store in the Granada Hills area, says city code enforcement officials have consistently singled him out for placing a sidewalk sign in proximity to city property. Meanwhile, he added, the same officials have disregarded the increasing presence of homeless encampments in the area.

“I’m kind of pissed off because it’s an ongoing battle with them for kind of forever,” Air told Ainsley Earhardt on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “They keep changing the inspectors, and actually to justify their work, they come and give you a ticket for something.”

He also said that code enforcement officers have ticketed him in the past for flying an American flag outside his business.

“The guy called them ‘flag banners,’ and I said, ‘This is not a banner. This is the American flag.’ And, you know, we got a ticket for those in the past. And it was $461,” he said.

Last month, Air reported that agents from code enforcement reached out to him on five separate occasions regarding the foldable sign placed on the sidewalk outside his establishment. Initially, they visited him in person four times, and on the fifth occasion, they called to request he send a photo of the sign via text to ensure compliance with the regulations.

He added that code enforcers have asked him to move his sign one inch to remove it from city property but he says his business property actually extends further than the code enforcers acknowledge.

“Even if the sign goes in one inch out or even four feet out, it still belongs to the property owner, not to the city. They decided this is their land. I did a survey online, and it’s showing that the property line is much more outside,” he said.

Air pointed out that while officials are generating controversy over a sign that does not impede the sidewalk, they persistently disregard the escalating presence of homeless encampments appearing throughout the streets of Los Angeles.

“They never care. They can get to my shop the same day in a couple of minutes, but they cannot go and actually deal with something else down the street,” he said.

Homeless camps have dramatically increased in major California cities under the current governor, Gavin Newsom, who some claim will soon announce a bid for the 2024 Democratic nomination.


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