Ukraine's Future 'Lies in NATO,' Says Biden and Other G7 Leaders

Ukraine's Future 'Lies in NATO,' Says Biden and Other G7 Leaders

President Biden, along with leaders from other G-7 nations, made a joint declaration during a NATO summit in Lithuania, reaffirming their commitment to support Ukraine for the long term and acknowledging the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO in the future.

Addressing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden stated, “Allies all agreed to lift the requirements for Membership Action Plan for Ukraine and to create a path to NATO membership while Ukraine continues to make progress on necessary reforms.”

The ongoing conflict prevents an immediate path to NATO membership, the joint declaration emphasizes providing Ukraine with security against any aggression and building a strong defense across land, air, and sea.

The G-7 nations launched a joint declaration of support for Ukraine, solidifying their commitment to stand with the country for an extended period. This declaration initiates negotiations for long-term bilateral security commitments between each nation and Ukraine, with an open invitation for other countries to participate as well.

Zelensky had urged NATO to expedite Ukraine’s membership in light of the ongoing struggle with Russia. However, Biden, earlier in the week, expressed concerns that Ukraine joining NATO during the conflict could lead to a war with Russia.

The lack of a clear timeline for Ukraine’s invitation and membership in NATO has sparked frustration from Zelensky. He criticized the vague wording about “conditions” and accused the international alliance of disrespecting Ukraine, suggesting that this approach motivates Russia further.

Since the start of Russia’s invasion, the U.S. has provided extensive support to Ukraine, including tens of thousands of artillery shells, missile defense systems, and information. U.S. aid has surpassed $75 billion, while Western allies have contributed modern tanks to assist Ukraine’s counteroffensive efforts. The U.S. plans to send 31 M1 Abrams tanks once Ukrainian crews have received the necessary training.


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