Psaki Doubles Down on Biden's False #PutinPriceHike Narrative

Psaki Doubles Down on Biden's False #PutinPriceHike Narrative

Journalist Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why Joe Biden was laying the blame for rising gas prices at the foot of Russian President Vladimir Putin, after President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that rising costs at the pump were due to “Putin’s Price Hike.”

“We have heard the President warn for months that gas prices were rising because of the supply chain, and because of post-pandemic demand. If you guys knew for months that this was going to be the #PutinPriceHike, why are we just hearing that now?” asked Doocy.

“I don’t think anybody was predicting we would be exactly where we are as it relates to Russia and Ukraine. As you know that events in the world, including the invasion by Russia of a foreign country, do prompt instability and volatility in the global oil markets.

“And there are all sorts of different issues that can impact that. That’s what we’re seeing now. Outside economists and analysts have conveyed and said publicly, that Russia has invaded, this buildup of troops. President Putin’s decision to do that very early this year led to a lot of instability and volatility in the oil markets. You don’t have to take my word for it. So, therefore, if President Putin’s buildup of military troops is leading to volatility and an increase in oil and prices, hence you have Putin pump, gas price pump, rise,” Psaki responded.

Doocy asked why President Biden had not already cut red tape to make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill for the commodity. Psaki responded by asking what red tape would need to be cut in order for companies to receive drilling permits.

“What red tape needs to be cut when they have the permits? They have the capacity to do it, what’s holding them up?” questioned Psaki.

“Does President Biden think that each of these 9,000 leases that are available, have oil or gas in them? Because industry experts are saying that that accusation is a complete red herring. Some permits are viable and some are not. And that when you say that this represents a fundamental misunderstanding as to how this process works.”

Psaki responded: “Well, first of all, the nearly 60 percent of leased acres remain non-producing, that’s a lot. in the range of 20 million acres. So there are 9,000 unused approved permits to drill in. That should not require us to invite them to do that. They should do that themselves.”


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