Pro-Abortion Group Drops Hint That It Will Target Justice Coney Barrett's Children, Home and Church

Pro-Abortion Group Drops Hint That It Will Target Justice Coney Barrett's Children, Home and Church

A pro-abortion group is suggesting that its members may target Associate Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, her children, her home, and her church after she sided with fellow Associate Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overturning the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion in every state.

The group, Ruth Sent Us — named after the late liberal Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — “implored its followers to unleash protests at the church and home” of Coney Barrett, The Blaze reported on Saturday.

The outlet added:

Ruth Sent Us organized protests last month against Supreme Court justices – which the group described as “six extremist justices.”

This week, Ruth Sent us called for more protests against Justice Barrett.

“If you’re in the DC metro area, join us,” the group wrote on Tuesday. “Our protests at Barrett’s home moved the needle to this coverage.”

Protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices and federal judges is supposed to be a violation of federal law, but so far, Attorney General Merrick Garland has refused to intervene in them. Ditto for FBI Director Christopher Wray and other federal law enforcement agencies.

“Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold,” Ruth Sent Us stated. “She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for. She attends church DAILY.”

The tweet also included photos of Barrett along with the name of the church she regularly attends while encouraging protesters to “voice your anger” by demonstrating at her place of worship.

The group also sent a “special message” last week to Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his children and wife on the same day that an armed man was arrested and confessed to traveling to the justice’s home to assassinate him.

“We are committed to non-violence. Fundamentalists will talk non-stop about how our peaceful protests inspired this, rather than the daily mass-murders in America. Oh, what was this ‘weapon’ the ‘California man’ had? If it was a gun or even a knife, police would say so,” the group said in its first tweet, as if to suggest the man did not have a knife or a gun.

Actually, he did have both a gun and a knife, and other weapons.

After they discovered that the man was armed with both they had another story.

“Abuser Kavanaugh’s abusive groupies are delighted the man had a gun, a knife and pepper spray. Why’s the gun listed first? Everyone knows the gun is the problem — it’s the most dangerous weapon the lost attacker had. Oh, Kavanaugh is a white supremacist & Zina Bash is too,” the group said.

They then went on to list protest dates where they will be at the homes of the Supreme Court Justices, including Justice Kavanaugh.

“Fundamentalists want us to cower in fear of their armed attacks of our homes, schools and clinics. They expect us to go high when they go low. We refuse. We’re committed to non-violence. Our protests are peaceful and joyful. Protest #SCOTUS6 with @OurRightsDC @downrightimp,” it said with a photo of the flyer.

They then sent what appears to be a tweet mocking “thoughts and prayers.”

“We offer our thoughts & prayers to Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh after a California man arrived by taxi near their home, armed with a gun & knife, then called the police on himself to confess his murderous rage against the abusive alcoholic “Justice”. We didn’t send him. #RuthSentUs,” they said.

They then delivered their “special message” to Justice Kavanaugh’s wife and children.

“A special message for Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughter — this billboard was on your school grounds. We feel for you. @LeaderMcConnell and the GOP aren’t worried for your safety. They worry only for the expensive Supreme Court they rigged, and their own power,” the tweet said along with a poster to a crisis pregnancy center.

The tweets drew the ire of The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemmingway.

“Pro-abortion group that posts directions to Kavanaugh’s home — man arrested today said he used online map to find it — also targeting his young daughters’ school. This escalation and threat against the children must be stopped. Horrific,” she wrote.


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