WATCH: Bill Maher Rips ‘Woke Hollywood’ Over Gun Violence Portrayal, Hating On Kyle Rittenhouse

WATCH: Bill Maher Rips ‘Woke Hollywood’ Over Gun Violence Portrayal, Hating On Kyle Rittenhouse

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher has once again taken on the Hollywood uber-left for massive hypocrisy.

During his Friday program which featured former top Trump political adviser Kellyanne Conway, Maher ripped Tinsel Town for hating on Kenosha teen Kyle Rittenhouse “but then they endlessly produce movies with that exact plot” of a good guy saving the day against incredible odds with the use of firearms.

“Now that we live in an age of uber-corporate responsibility where every large company in America bends over backwards to get on the politically correct side of every issue, Hollywood has to tell us. Why does that not include gun violence?” he began,

“When liberals scream, ‘Do something!’ after a mass shooting, why aren’t we also dealing with the fact that the average American kid sees 200,000 acts of violence on screens before the age of 18 and that according to the FBI, one of the warning signs of a potential school shooter is ‘a fascination with violence-filled entertainment?” he added.

“It’s funny. Hollywood is the wokest place on Earth, and every other area of social responsibility. They have intimacy coordinators on set to chaperone sex scenes. They hire sensitivity readers to go through and read scripts,” Maher, who describes himself as a ‘classic liberal,’ continued. “Disney stood up to the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law. Another studio spent $10 million to digitally remove Kevin Spacey from a movie.

“But when it comes to the unbridled romanticization of gun violence, crickets. The only thing we don’t call a trigger is the one that actually has a trigger,” he quipped. “We don’t show movie characters smoking anymore because it might look cool and influence children, but you’re telling me these cool dudes don’t influence them?

“And it’s not just the idea presented over and over and over again that guns are the best solution to life’s problems. It’s why the hero is using a gun. They call them action movies. They should call them revenge movies. Because that’s the plot of every one of them,” said the HBO host.

“And there’s a sick similarity in the revenge fantasies Hollywood turns out and those of school shooters. Getting revenge on them that wronged you is what happens. It’s all that happens in movies that are made for and loved by young men. It’s the male version of getting your groove back,” he added.

“Like every school shooter, our movie heroes are grievance collectors and when it comes to action movies, there’s one story. He was a nice guy, but they pushed him too far… all of which doesn’t just create a culture of violence, but a culture of justified violence,” Maher said.

“Liberals hated it when Kyle Rittenhouse, they hated him, but somehow the liberal capital of the world is okay with making 500 movies about vigilantes. They hate it when gun people say, ‘It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun,’ but then they endlessly produce movies with that exact plot,” Maher noted further.

“Now, am I saying don’t make these movies? No, not at all. I’ve never forced censorship or organizing society around what crazy people might do, but don’t look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t a big part of the problem,” he said.



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