President Biden Brags About Failing Economy

President Biden Brags About Failing Economy

President Joe Biden said that he is responsible for producing “the strongest, fastest, most wide-spread economic recovery America has ever experienced.”

Biden made the comments as inflation skyrockets and as more and more crises build, including ones at the southern boarder and with supply chain shortages.

The president claimed to be leading in “record jobs, record small businesses and wages rising.” Biden, however, has job numbers far below what was forecasted.

Biden said: Part of the reason I ran for president is because I was tired of trickle down economics. It doesn’t work. My plan is to produce the strongest, fastest, most widespread economic recovery America has ever experienced with record jobs, new record small businesses, and wages rising. It’s the foundation for an economy that works for working families. Because of that foundation, we’re better positioned than any country in the world to overcome global inflation that we’re seeing and reach a new chapter of stable and steady growth.

“Let’s come together and focus on what matters. Let’s build on the extraordinary progress we’ve made. Let’s continue to build this economy from the bottom up and the middle out. When that happens, everybody does well, including the very wealthy. Thank you and God bless you and may God protect our troops,” he said before taking some questions from the press.


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