Posobiec Targeted by Dishonest 'Fact Checkers' over WEF Detainment

Posobiec Targeted by Dishonest 'Fact Checkers' over WEF Detainment

Reuters and Politifact are attacking Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec over his claim that he was arrested by World Economic Forum police, despite there being video of the incident taking place.

Posobiec, who is currently in the middle of producing a documentary on the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum, is currently in Davos, Switzerland to cover this year’s installment of the summit, where the global elite meet to discuss how they will shape the future economy through leftist initiatives and larger government.

After being harassed by police, Posobiec said in a video that “Apparently, the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has its own paramilitary police force called the World Economic Forum police,” referring to the World Economic Forum’s founder.

Reuters and Politifact want you to know, however, that the private forum doesn’t have its own police force. It instead just uses the police force of an entire town for its own use, and even provides it with its own World Economic Forum imagery.

Reuters reported in their “fact check”: that “the police badges with a WEF logo are used by local officers in Graubunden to mark the organization’s annual conference.”

In response, Posobiec tweeted: “You see the World Economic Forum doesn’t have the police force, they are just local police given WEF badges and sent to work for the WEF, it is completely different.”

Posobiec described the incident on an episode of his show, Human Events Daily, where he said: “As we’re charging our equipment and the crew’s getting a little something to eat, two paddy wagons full of these armed officers drive up to us like a quick response force, stop their cars, they file out, surround us with 9mm MP5s,” said Posobiec. “One guy who’s standing close to me was flagging me with his barrel constantly while he’s staying there, I asked me to stop, he finally pointed it down, and they said again, ‘who are you, we need to check your passports, we need to check your papers,’ and we’re all kind of looking at each other saying, ‘wait a minute, we already talked to officers. We’ve gone through all of this… Why are we doing this again?'”

Politifact would later release their own “fact” check, where they said that police “did not arrest any journalist in Davos, a police spokesperson said.”

They said Posobiec was not “physically restrained.”

Posobiec has responded by calling the fact-checking site “liars,” saying “In the WEF video the detective clearly states that they are executing a ‘police control’ operation. This is inherently a detention and confirmed by police when asked.”


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