POSOBIEC: Biden Blames Gun Owners for Community Failures

POSOBIEC: Biden Blames Gun Owners for Community Failures

Jack Posobiec explained on his podcast Human Events Daily how legal gun owners are being used as scapegoats due to the collapse of community in the United States, specifically in small towns like Uvalde, or the one he grew up in.

Posobiec said that in small towns, people used to know who to keep an eye on, and gave a story from his youth, speaking about a mental institution that was closed down in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

“It used to be that especially in small towns like this, you knew who the problem people were and you kept an eye on them. You knew who was an issue, and number one you kept an eye on them, or number two, you said ‘you know what, this person, they rise to the level of needing institutional confinement’ and you would institutionalize them. You’d send them to a mental institution… where they could be observed, monitored, and hopefully treated.

He said that his father used to work at a facility in his town that would treat the mentally ill, but that the system started dismantling in the 90s.

“I saw them slowly dismantling that system and defunding it, breaking it down and I remember asking my dad, ‘what’s going to happen to all the people that are inside here? Where are they going to go? Who’s going to take care of them.’ and he said, well, they’re going to graduate and they’re going to go out.”

“I remember playing little league in our town when I was a kid, and the baseball field… was actually just across from the mental institution, literally right across the street… I remember there being a situation where a patient had escaped and escapes happened from time to time, and it was always the talk of the town, and so I remember my dad saying, when we went to baseball practice or playing a game there, just be careful, be on the lookout because you don’t know what type of person might just be walking by the baseball field.

“That’s how it used to be in small towns, that’s how it used to be in a town environment, that you knew what was going on, you took care of your own. If you knew someone was a problem you kept an eye out for them or you took steps to deal with the issue. We don’t act like that anymore for some reason,” he continued.

He said that law-abiding Americans were going to be used as scapegoats for the collapse of communities in small towns.

“We act as if society is to blame for everything that goes wrong, and then you turn around and say, ‘okay, we’re going to blame law-abiding gun owners,” he said.

Posobiec concluded the segment by reminding listeners just how important gun rights are, saying “Europeans do not have the same gun culture as the US. But I will say something, having come from Ukraine just now, the people of Ukraine would not be able to be fighting back right now in any way if they did not have access to firearms.
“Chairman Mao even said, political power grows in the barrel of a gun. That’s where you get your political power from, at the end of the day, it comes down to guns and steel. The people of Ukraine are fighting back because they know that.”


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