Pelosi-Backed New Mexico Dem Says "AmeriKKKa" Needs to Be "Rebuilt"

Pelosi-Backed New Mexico Dem Says "AmeriKKKa" Needs to Be "Rebuilt"

A Nancy Pelosi-endorsed congressional candidate said that the United States was “AmeriKKKa” and called for the dismantling of the police.

The Democratic congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) Gabe Vasquez won the Dem nomination on Tuesday night for New Mexico’s second congressional seat. He is now set to face off against incumbent Republican Rep. Yvette Harrell in November, according to Fox News.

“Our victory tonight sends the message that New Mexicans want an authentic representative who puts them first, instead of one who is only interested in playing partisan games,” he said in his victory statement released on to Twitter.

He then said that Herrell had a MAGA agenda and that New Mexicans deserve better.

“Our message is simple: New Mexico deserves better than Yvette Herrell and her harmful MAGA agenda.

“In Congress, I’ll fight for a fair economy that cuts inflation and lifts up the middle class, access to affordable, high-quality health care, a transition to clean energy that creates thousands of good paying jobs, and comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for millions of families and keeps our border safe,” he said. “With the support of people across our district who want a better future for their families and communities, I’m confident we will win in November and make sure working families always come first.”

Vasquez has views that voters may not know about, however, specifically regarding law enforcement and his views on the United States as a nation.

During the Trump administration, Vasquez tweeted in 2019: “More pain and suffering for brown families in Amerikkka,”

“Black lives matter. Until we deconstruct and rebuild the systems of oppression that keep black people in perpetual harm, justice will not be served,” he said in June 2020. “That includes law enforcement, the economy, and the disgusting wealth inequality that keeps white rich men in power.”

He also called for a “fundamental power shift” in the government on racial lines, and said that as long as “white folks (mostly men!) dominate this nation’s wealth [and] preside over our nation’s governing bodies [and] judicial systems, the racism, killing [and] injustice will continue.”

He also said that the idea of supporting the police through the Thin Blue Line was “propaganda” with “racism at its core value,” also calling the Republican Party “racist at its core.”

“Nativism, nationalism, the thin blue line and the symbolism of the punisher logo, red hats and the constitutional sheriff’s movement — make no mistake, these tools of propaganda are being used by this administration to divide the American public, with racism at its core value,” he also tweeted.

He also said that ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, was Committing genocide.”


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