'The View' Host Sunny Host Calls 'Black Republicans' An 'Oxymoron'

'The View' Host Sunny Host Calls 'Black Republicans' An 'Oxymoron'

The cohosts of the ABC Daytime talk show “The View” have made waves on two shows this week, blaming former President Donald Trump for an attack on comedian Dave Chappelle and then questioning how any black person could be a Republican.

The most recent example came on Friday when cohost Sunny Hostin took guest cohost host Lindsey Granger to task as she wondered how anyone could be a “black Republican.”

The panel was talking about the appointment of new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and whether her relationship with CNN journalist Suzanne Malveaux is a conflict of interest.

“I know this may be a novel idea for somebody who’s a supporter of Trump,” Navarro said before Grager got into the discussion.

“Have I ever said I was a supporter of Trump? There are many things that I don’t stand by that Trump did. Trump has done things that are racist. I’m a Black woman first, so always understand that,” Granger, a conservative, said.

“I feel like that’s an oxymoron, a Black Republican,” Hostin said, though she did not look at Granger when she said it.

“You feel like that’s an oxymoron?”  Granger said. “Why? Your friend right here is a Republican,” she said in reference to Navarro who is Latina.

“I don’t understand either of you,” Hostin said. “I don’t understand Black Republicans and I don’t understand Latino Republicans.”

“You don’t understand yourself,” Granger said before Navarro got in and brought the talk back to the original topic.

On Wednesday’s show another cohost acted ridiculous in blaming former President Trump for a black man attacking black comedian Dave Chappelle.

“What do you think is happening? I mean, it’s happening on airplanes, it’s happening on street corners,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg said after playing a video of the attack.

Cohost Joy Behar opined on the factors she believes could be involved, And like everything she dislikes, the former president was one of them.

“The pandemic, the opioid crisis, the fact that Trump was out there saying things like, ‘Just knock the hell out of them. I promise you I’ll pay for the legal fees,’ when he had a heckler,” she said.

“And then Will Smith was the pièce de résistance, if you will,” she said.

Granger, who was a guest cohost on that show as well, got involved and attempted to bring reality back to the topic.

“This is not a political thing. Come on,” she said. “I know you want to wrap it all into politics — this is really about security.”

“It didn’t happen before,” Behar responded.

“What Will Smith did wasn’t particularly right-leaning, running up on the stage and smacking Chris Rock,” Granger said.

“I do think Trump unleashed some incivility, at least, in our country,” Hostin argued.

“You don’t know anything about this person that went up there and tried to attack,” Granger said regarding the attack on Chappelle.


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