Black Man Silences Pro Abortion Crowd By Asking One Simple Question

Black Man Silences Pro Abortion Crowd By Asking One Simple Question

In a fantastic video circulating the Internet, a black man confronted supposed Black Lives Matter supporters, the majority of whom were white, who were protesting inf favor of abortions.

He peppered them with some questions that left them near speechless when he talked about which black lives they believe mattered.

The man confronted the protesters in an undated video outside of a medical facility as they carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “White Coats for Black Lives.”

Because the video is undated and it is not known where the video was taken we cannot know if this demonstration was in response to the recent Supreme Court leaked draft indicating that it will end Roe V Wade or some other protest. But the point the man made remains the same.

“Do all black lives matter or just some black lives?” the man said to the crowd.

“All black lives matter!” they said loudly, in a unified voice, perhaps believing that the man was on their side.

“Black lives killed by black men matter, right?” he then said. The response to that question got some yeses but the crowd was noticeably quieter and not as enthusiastic as when they were asked the previous question.

And then he hit them with the question that rocked their world.

“The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?” he said.

After that question you could have heard a pin drop. The silence was deafening.

“Thought so,” he said.

“Does the future of our black babies matter” he said. “Huh? What’s up? What’s up?”

“Awful quiet now, aren’t they?” he said. “It’s OK when we kill them in the womb.”

“If we don’t respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we’re born,” he said as the crowd remained silent.

PBS NewsHour reported that restrictions on abortions would affect black and Hispanic women more than any other, as if those races having more abortions were something to champion.

“When it comes to the effect on minorities, the numbers are unambiguous. In Mississippi, people of color comprise 44 percent of the population but 81 percent of women receiving abortions, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, which tracks health statistics,” the report said.

“In Texas, they’re 59 percent of the population and 74 percent of those receiving abortions. The numbers in Alabama are 35 percent and 69 percent. In Louisiana, minorities represent 42 percent of the population, according to the state Health Department, and about 72 percent of those receiving abortions,” it said.

Why is it not considered a tragedy that this many babies of color have their lives snuffed out in the womb?

Why would this be something that Democrats celebrate and want to protect?


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