Outraged Parents Sound Off to Calif. School Board Over 'Family-Friendly' 'Halloween Drag Show'

Outraged Parents Sound Off to Calif. School Board Over 'Family-Friendly' 'Halloween Drag Show'

Parents upset over a California school district’s plan to host a “family-friendly” Halloween-themed drag show gave board members an earful last week.

Brittany Mayer, a North San Diego County mother, ripped the Encinitas Unified School District school board members of “pimping out” young students to a transgender surgical facility and a 21-and-over gay bar, both of them apparent sponsors of the event.

“What is it about a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out, a leather miniskirt barely covering his twerking ass with tuck tape on his front while spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin next to a minor, ‘family-friendly?’” Mayer said as she blasted the school board, according to a video of her speaking.

“You all got caught with your sparkly panties down,” an outraged Mayer went on as she demanded an explanation as well as an apology from each school board member. “And while we have a culture that has a massive problem with child porn, with sex trafficking — you, a little school district, board of adults, made the decision to feature an event to hyper-sexualize young children.”

She continued: “You all played the activist pimp for an Align surgical center and for a 21-plus gay bar. It makes you groomers and activist pimps, and we won’t have those sitting on a school board who oversees the education of our children.”

“There are boundaries,” Mayer noted further. “And you don’t slap ‘family friendly’ titles on stuff to cover your ass.”

The Daily Wire noted:

The school district has since distanced itself from the event, telling NBC7 that the show was pulled three weeks ago from PeachJar, the district’s digital hub, because it failed to meet approved criteria.

The director of the TransFamily Support Services told the news outlet the event would not have been posted on PeachJar without the district’s express permission.

Mayer went on to publish her remarks to school board members online. She captioned the video in a Twitter post: ” “We’re done mincing words. While we have a culture that has a huge problem with child porn and with sex trafficking, Encinitas Union School District in CA, made the decision to feature an event to sexualize young children. We will call it exactly what it is.”



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