Teachers Union Teams up with Liberal "Fact Checkers" to Teach Students about "Misinformation"

Teachers Union Teams up with Liberal "Fact Checkers" to Teach Students about "Misinformation"

So-called misinformation experts NewsGuard have teamed up with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to protect students from fake news, by providing teachers with subscriptions to share with their pupils.

NewsGuard, as described by Axios, is ” a service that uses trained journalists to rate news and information sites,” and will be made available this week to students through the partnership.

“Imagine you walked into a library, and there were a trillion pieces of paper flying around in the air, and you grabbed one, and you didn’t know anything about it, or where it came from or who’s financing it,” NewsGuard co-founder Steven Brill said, reports Axios. “That’s the internet, that’s your Facebook feed, that’s your Google search.”

The partnership was, of course, praised by AFT president Randi Weingarten, who said “We are constantly trying to help our students, particularly our middle, high school and postsecondary students, separate fact from fiction, as we help them develop their critical-thinking and analytical skills.”

NewsGuard uses both AI and human intelligence to identify “fake news”, and uses several standards to do so, including:

“Does not repeatedly publish false content; Gathers and presents information responsibly; Regularly corrects or clarifies errors; Handles the difference between news and opinion responsibly; Avoids deceptive headlines’ Website discloses ownership and financing; Clearly labels advertising; Reveals who’s in charge, including any possible conflicts of interest;” and “The site provides names of content creators, along with either contact or biographical information.”

Sites like Fox News and Daily Wire have scores just under 70, while CNN, home of numerous hoaxes, has a score of 80.

The Media Research Center said that NewsGuard’s has a left-wing media bias, “as it gives left-wing outlets better trust ratings on average than right-wing sources.”

“Left-wing outlets saw an average rating of 93% and right-wing outlets received 66%,” they wrote.


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