Joe Biden Responds To Breyer Retirement, Gets Snarky With Reporters

Joe Biden Responds To Breyer Retirement, Gets Snarky With Reporters

Hours after it was reported that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal, was retiring, President Joe Biden was not in the mood for questions about a possible replacement.

He was having a meeting with CEO’s on Wednesday when the subject of the Justice’s impending retirement was mentioned.

“Every justice has the right and the opportunity to decide what he or she is going to do and announce it on their own,” he said to reporters. “There has been no announcement from Justice Breyer. Let him make whatever statement he’s going to make and I’ll be happy to talk about it later.”

As reporters continued to shout questions at him the president responded “I’ll be happy to talk about this later.”

He then jokingly asked one of the panelists, Tom Linebarger the CEO and Chairman of Cummins, “Wanna go to the Supreme Court, Tom?”

“I’m just gonna demur on that one,” the CEO responded.

One named that had been bandied about so far as Justice Breyer’s possible replacement was that of Vice President Kamala Harris, Conservative Brief reported.

Fox News hosts speculated on Wednesday, after liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was reported to be retiring, that Harris could meet the criteria Biden is looking for in the next Supreme Court Justice. Namely, black, female and young.

Because, after all, if you check all of the woke boxes who cares about anything else?

“This person has to be a woman, she has to be black and she has got to be younger,” Harris Faulkner said. “Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? They do not know what to do with Kamala Harris in the White House right now. I can’t be the only person seeing this.”

Cohost of the show and former White House Press Secretary for former President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, weighed in.

“I think you’re right,” the host said. “That was playing in my mind from the moment we heard about this retirement. You know, it is, politically speaking if you are not happy with your vice president and want her in a different role, there is no greater role than the Supreme Court. It is a role that anyone would be honored to have.”

She noted that there is no reporting on Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court and they were just speculating, but she continued.

“It’s a possibility. I think she’s at least on the shortlist and maybe it’s a position she’d readily want to consider or accept given the challenges of the vice presidency. Given the frustrations she’s incurred,” she said.


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