New Woke Corporate Trend Is Decidedly 'Anti-Family' With Calls to Opt-Out of Mother's Day

New Woke Corporate Trend Is Decidedly 'Anti-Family' With Calls to Opt-Out of Mother's Day

Emails are being sent out by major corporations and businesses, providing individuals with the opportunity to decline receiving Mother’s Day-related communications, the Daily Wire reports.

On Sunday, the Arizona Informer Twitter account shared a viral thread featuring over a dozen screenshots from various businesses that were offering the option to opt-out of Mother’s Day-related communications. The account highlighted the similar phrasing used in these emails and equated the trend to anti-family activism.

“Something very strange is happening with Big Corporations,” Arizona Informer captioned the thread. “Out of nowhere, [Kroger]-owned [Fry’s Food Store], [Kay Jewelers], [Hallmark], and now [DoorDash] have all sent ‘Opt out of #MothersDay emails to their customer base.”

“This is not organic,” the account claimed. “This reeks of anti-family activists.”

“We understand that Mother’s Day may be a difficult time for some,” says a message from DoorDash, which included an option to be “removed from additional emails and push notifications” relating to the observance.

Meanwhile, Kay Jewelers sent a message that said: “We know Mother’s Day can be a challenging time, which is why we want to know if you’d rather not receive Mother’s Day related emails.”

“With Mother’s Day coming up, we understand this can be a difficult time of year for some,” said a similar email from Nespresso. “If you would like to opt out of Mothers Day emails, you can simply click below.”

The thread encompassed several companies including Levis, Ancestry, MAC Cosmetics, Stitch Fix, BuyBuyBaby, Etsy, and Cartier.

One commenter responded, “It’s really weird how they’re all doing this in unison.”

“That’s how you know it’s not organic. Similar language. Like a template that was passed around,” Arizona Informer tweeted in reply.

Since Sunday, the Twitter thread has garnered over 1 million views. However, not everyone is convinced that the opt-out offers are part of an anti-family or coordinated effort.

According to one commenter, the timing of the opt-out emails was not unusual since they were sent out around Mother’s Day. Some individuals suggested that the corporations were simply being considerate towards those who may have lost a parent or women who are struggling with infertility or have experienced a miscarriage.

That said, it is widely acknowledged that activists advocating radical gender theory have targeted sex and gender in recent years, The Daily Wire noted further.

These efforts have resulted in males identifying as females infiltrating women’s spaces and sports, while biological women have been reduced to terms such as “person with a uterus,” “birthing person,” or “person who menstruates.”


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