New California Bill Would Legalize "Infanticide": Report

New California Bill Would Legalize "Infanticide": Report

The so-called “Reproductive health” bill (California Assembly Bill 2223) legalizes infanticide, the California Globe reports.

The bill ” legalizes infanticide in an abortion bill to expand the killing of babies past the moment of birth up to weeks after, according to opponents of the bill,” the Globe says.

Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) has defended her bill saying that “women should not be prosecuted for pregnancy loss.”

Opponents of Wick’s bill highlight the nebulous and unspecific language in the bill, such as “perinatal death.”

According to the California Family Council, “Although definitions of ‘perinatal death’ vary, all of them include the demise of newborns seven days or more after birth.”

Wicks says, however, that the notion that her bill does not support infanticide, and that opponents are spreading misinformation on the bill.

Wicks says that the bill would protect those who lose or miscarry a baby, saying that she spoke to two women who were prosecuted for their stillborns.

“Parents should not be criminalized for a tragic loss,” Wicks said, according to the Globe.

“AB 2223 protects reproductive freedom by clarifying that the Reproductive Privacy Act prohibits pregnancy criminalization, and creates a private right of action for people whose rights have been violated to seek accountability using civil courts. It would also remove outdated provisions requiring coroners to investigate certain pregnancy losses, and ensure that information collected about pregnancy loss is not used to target people through criminal or civil legal systems,” wrote Wicks.

These are the terms used in AB 2223 and by supporters to explain:

Pregnancy loss
Reproductive health
Reproductive justice
Reproductive rights
Pregnant person
Pregnancy outcomes
Self-managing an abortion

The two cases of criminal charges due to stillbirth, though, include one woman who was charged with 1st-degree murder because she was using meth while pregnant.


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