New Biden Campaign Ad Attacks Trump's Pro-Life Views

New Biden Campaign Ad Attacks Trump's Pro-Life Views

On Sunday, President Biden’s presidential campaign unveiled a new attack ad aiming to hold former President Donald Trump responsible for the reversal of Roe v. Wade, as the Biden-Harris ticket endeavors to prioritize the abortion issue.

The ad features Dr. Austin Dennard, an OB/GYN and mother of three in Dallas who says she was forced to leave the state of Texas to get an abortion after a “routine ultrasound” she learned “that the fetus would have a fatal condition” and “that there was absolutely no chance of survival.”

“Having this beautiful, messy, chaotic, but wonderful family, it’s the joy of my life,” she says. “I never thought that I would need an abortion for a planned pregnancy. But I did. Two years ago, I became pregnant with a baby I desperately wanted,” Dennard says. “In Texas, you are forced to carry that pregnancy. And that is because of Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade. The choice was completely taken away. I was to continue my pregnancy, putting my life at risk. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare, and it was absolutely unbearable. We need leaders that will protect our rights and not take them away. And that’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

The ad is factually false; Trump did not ‘overturn’ Roe; the U.S. Supreme Court did by ruling that the issue of whether or not abortion ought to be legal and to what extent should always have resided in the individual states.

The Biden campaign captioned the ad on X, writing, “Because of Donald Trump, Dr. Austin Dennard was forced to flee Texas to get the heath care she needed to save her life. It’s simply outrageous.”

Trump, who attributed the overturning of Roe to his appointment of conservative justices during his administration, has characterized himself as the most “pro-life president.” However, in September, he faced criticism from conservatives after expressing disapproval of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s six-week ban.

Trump pledged to seek a compromise regarding the timing of outright abortion bans, potentially focusing on around 15 weeks into pregnancy, while also condemning late-term abortions, Fox News reported on Monday.


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