NCAA All-American: Trans Athletes Competing With Biological Females Will Lead To ‘Extinction Of Women’s Sports’

NCAA All-American: Trans Athletes Competing With Biological Females Will Lead To ‘Extinction Of Women’s Sports’

An 11-time NCAA All-American is ripping collegiate sports for allowing male transgender athletes to compete in all-female sporting events, predicting that it will have a trickle-down effect throughout all sports and ruin them for women after all of the progress made over the past several decades.

“My message this evening is a call to action, and it is that what you see right now in women’s athletics is going to be the extinction of women’s sports in general,” said Jeri Shanteau, a former swimmer, told Fox News host Sean Duffy on Tuesday.

Shanteau was responding to reports that transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who competed as a male during the first two years of college but is competing against women this year — is breaking female-held swimming records.

“We need people to understand what is going on in athletics. We need people to understand this is a complete discrimination of women, and what is happening that we do not have our institutions and our universities and our governing bodies standing by watching this unfold is complete neglect,” Shanteau continued. “This is a women’s issue, if you care about women, you should care about this cause.”

The Daily Caller added:

Shanteau’s warning is in reference to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who shattered records while competing in the women’s division at the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas recently defeated biological female opponents by up to 38 seconds at the University of Akron’s Zippy Invitational, according to The Daily Wire.

The Biden administration declared in June that Title IX would be extended to interpret protections in the Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination against gay and transgender students.

“How do we not understand that if we do not use sex as our identifier we are going to make women obsolete in general, and not just in athletics,” Shanteau responded when asked about the new Title IX interpretation. “Male bodies competing against women does not uphold what we believe in fairness of sport, and it will trickle down to everything else in life.”

Video of one of Thomas’ crushing finishes recently was posted by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who wrote: “Just to show you how absurd this is. Here’s the trans swimmer “Lia” Thomas crushing all of the female competitors by 40 seconds. This is what that looks like in real time. A total farce.”

A member of the UPenn’s swim team told Outkick that Thomas boasted after winning the 200 freestyle at the University of Akron Zippy Invitational, saying, “That was so easy, I was cruising.” After ‘she’ went on to win the 500 freestyle, Thomas appeared disappointed with the time, but bragged anyway in front of teammates: “At least I’m still No. 1 in the country.”

“Well, obviously she’s No. 1 in the country because she’s at a clear physical advantage after having gone through male puberty and getting to train with testosterone for years. Of course, you’re No. 1 in the country when you’re beating a bunch of females. That’s not something to brag about,” the unnamed teammate said.

The teammate also explained that her fellow female team members wept on the Akron pool deck because they knew they didn’t stand a chance against Thomas.

“They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose,” she said. “Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got.

“Now they’re having to go behind the blocks knowing no matter what, they do not have the chance to win. I think that it’s really getting to everyone.”


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