Arizona State Univ. Penalizes Students Over 'Racially Biased' Confrontation With White Students in Multicultural Center

Arizona State Univ. Penalizes Students Over 'Racially Biased' Confrontation With White Students in Multicultural Center

Two black female students who harangued two white male students last month for being in a multicultural center on the campus of Arizona State University have been disciplined, though they are now claiming that the investigation into the incident was “racially biased.”

Video of the encounter at the ASU multicultural center went viral when one of the two females filmed the encounter in September, The Post Millennial reported.

“It’s been more than two months since the incident, and Sarra and I received these threats every single day,” said Mastaani Qureshi in an Instagram video posted to the school’s Multicultural Solidarity Coalition account. She was one of the two who videoed the confrontation which they initiated.

“ASU was aware of how we were getting doxxed, and suffering psychological and emotional violence by white supremacists from across the country, but it still did not protect us,” said Sarra Tekola, the other student that filmed and harassed the students in the center.

“Instead, they launched an investigation against us and we had to mobilize the community to protect ourselves from being kicked out by the institution. ASU’s investigation found us guilty of interfering with university activities,” she continued.
“Dear white people, aka ASU, you openly discriminated against us on November 16, when you handed down your decision from your racially biased investigation. We are being persecuted for defending our multicultural center from racism and sexism,” said Qureshi.They did no such thing, for the record. According to video of the encounter that they posted, they initiated contact with the two white male students and verbally harassed them for the ‘crime’ of being white. The two males were sitting at a table studying when they were confronted.You be the judge:

Qureshi went on to say that the school handed down two punishments, the first being a warning and the second was writing a “three page paper on how next time when we talk with white people about race in society, we will be civil.”
“We’re going to give ASU an educational intervention on why telling students of color at ASU to be more civil in the face of white supremacy and Neo Nazism on this campus is actually violent,” Tekola baselessly charged.”ASU is a violent place,” Qureshi added, pointing to an incident last week in which ripped and burned pages of the Quran Majeed were allegedly put in the Interfaith Room on campus.In September as the incident went viral, Biz Pac Review reported:

Two white male students were accosted by a pair of female students in a space on the campus of Arizona State University over a “racist” sticker on a laptop that said “Police Lives Matter,” and told the leave the room, according to a video posted online that has since gone viral.

“You’re offensive. Police lives matter?” a woman says as the video begins and she confronts the two white males as they appear to be trying to study.

The camera focuses first on the student with the ‘Police Lives’ sticker and then pans to another student who is wearing a t-shirt that says, “Did Not Vote For Biden,” as a woman berates them for being in a “multicultural space” that she apparently does not believe should include whites as part of that mix.

“You’re white, do you understand what a multicultural space is? It means you’re not being centered,” the female filming the incident tells the white students.

“White’s not a culture?” the male in the anti-Biden shirt asked.

“White is not a culture, say it again to the camera, you think whiteness is a culture,” the female responded.

“This is the violence that ASU does and this is the type of people that they protect. Okay, this white man thinks he can take up our space,” she continued to complain. “And this is why we need a multicultural space, because they think they can get away with this s**t,” the female student continued.


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