The largest organization of one of America’s favorite past times has gone full-on woke this Pride month, having for the second time in recent memory displaying that they are willing to bend over backwards to appease the woke leftists ruining the culture.

In a Pride Month tweet, NASCAR decided to post a photo of three men wearing Pride-themed merchandise with the caption “YASCAR.”

“Yas” is an exclamation of excitement that is frequently associated with the gay community, with the term even having recently been added to the Oxford English dictionary.

This is not the first instance of NASCAR going full-on WOKE. In another recent tweet, the stock car racing goliath decided that it would apologize for actions that they made that may have been offensive to fans.

That tweet came just after Texas Governor Greg Abbott waved the starting flag at a race in Texas.

So what is there to explain the company’s sudden woke propaganda push? In January of this year, NASCAR announced that it would be partnering with Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce.

According to a statement released on January 5,: Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest LGBT Chambers within the region pushing for equitable change within the workplace and marketplace, announced Wednesday that NASCAR will become the organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion partner for the 2022 term. This is the first time NASCAR has partnered with an LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber’s annual DE&I partnership funds and supports all of its training and programming in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it allows the organization to have a more expansive reach throughout the region.

“NASCAR has a rich history in our region and continues to be one of the most popular sports in the nation,” said Tiffany Keaton, the vice-chair of the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. “The intentionality of their partnership will allow the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber to leverage relationships and increase our work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. The distinct brand that NASCAR brings to the chamber validates their commitment to equality and non-discrimination both on and off the track. It is an honor to name the league our ‘DE&I Partner’ for 2022, and I look forward to developing this amazing relationship.”

“NASCAR is excited to partner with the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce,” said Brandon Thompson, NASCAR’s vice president of diversity and inclusion. “With NASCAR offices and much of our industry based in the Carolinas, we look forward to working with CLGBTCC in support of its mission to foster equity, inclusion and economic prosperity for the LGBTQ community.”


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