N.C. Gay Pride Event Blasted After Child Placed On Stripper Pole: 'Child Abuse'

N.C. Gay Pride Event Blasted After Child Placed On Stripper Pole: 'Child Abuse'

The far-left continues to sexualize and groom our children though, for some reason, far too many adults are allowing it to take place.

That said, an incident that occurred at a ‘gay pride’ event in North Carolina this week elicited no shortage of outrage.

Fox News reported that several users on social media reacted negatively on Thursday to viral videos showing a young child being placed on a stripper pole at the event.

“A pride event in Charlotte, NC featured a stripper pole where kids were able to try out pole dancing,” the LibsofTikTok account posted on Thursday.

“In one of the photos, a scantily-clad woman can be seen holding onto a stripper pole with a young boy in her arms, who is also holding on to the pole,” Fox News reported.

The footage appears to have come from the Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade which was held on Aug. 20 and 21.

Several conservatives blasted the footage and called for legal action, including Republican political operative Matt Mackowiak, who rightfully deemed it “child abuse.”

“Straight to jail,” tweeted Matt Rinaldi, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

“America has a serious problem,” journalist Tayler Hansen added.

Fox News reported previously on a similar event that took place in Harrisburg, Pa., at a gay pride event that went viral over photos showing young children being taught how to use a stripper pole.

“Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist,” said the caption on a post. “My kiddo is a natural!”

Festival organizers defended the acts, saying the stripper pole for kids was “nothing more than a vehicle of fun and exercise.”

And for the record, Pennsylvania’s Democrat governor, Tom Wolf, offered his glowing support.

Fox News added:

The video earned widespread condemnation on Twitter from accounts calling out the parents and calling the scene inappropriate. 

“This is profoundly inappropriate,” Federalist Correspondent Tristan Justice posted. “Gays who promote this type of grooming are doing such a disservice to gay people.”

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tweeted, “I will never support any Republican candidate on any level of government who does not pledge to use every available legal means to put a stop to this sort of thing and punish all those responsible.”


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