MUST WATCH: John Fetterman Actually Makes Joe Biden Seem Eloquent

MUST WATCH: John Fetterman Actually Makes Joe Biden Seem Eloquent

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) looked a sad mess when he appeared in a hoodie, shorts, and sneakers during an event with President Biden and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro in Philadelphia over the weekend.

The officials were discussing Interstate-95 and the ongoing reconstruction efforts.

Fetterman greeted Biden at the airport in his typical slobbish casual attire and maintained the outfit throughout the event.

This combination of clothing, consisting of a Carhartt hoodie, athletic shorts, and sneakers, has become a regular part of the junior senator’s wardrobe for official functions in an attempt to make him look like less of a rich kid and more like an every man.

Fetterman was frequently seen wearing a similar outfit during last year’s campaign trail and even appeared at a Senate news conference in a similar attire just last month.

During the event, Fetterman praised Biden’s accomplishments and emphasized the president’s commitment to infrastructure.

He highlighted a bridge collapse incident in Western Pennsylvania where Biden promptly provided assistance and resources, resulting in the bridge being rebuilt ahead of schedule. Fetterman expressed his confidence in Biden’s commitment to fixing the current collapsed bridge as well.

Fetterman’s speech and attire, as usual, received criticism.

Fetterman’s office did not provide immediate comment on the senator’s attire for the event. Notably, Fetterman has been open about his struggle with depression and recently returned to the Senate after a six-week hospital stay.

Since his return, he has been seen wearing hoodies and shorts on multiple occasions.

While Fetterman’s choice of clothing has sparked debate, concerns have also been raised about his office doctoring his remarks in transcriptions from several hearings, leading to further scrutiny over his health.


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