Murderous L.A. Gang Member Praises Soros-Funded D.A. from Prison

Murderous L.A. Gang Member Praises Soros-Funded D.A. from Prison

A Los Angeles gang member who is in prison for murder was recorded while singing the praises of the area’s new District Attorney, George Gascon.

A phone call between the prisoner and an unknown person reveals the criminal saying that the DA’s policies are going to get him out of jail “soon,” reports Fox News.

“This sh*t looking real good,” Hernandez says to his caller. “Now we got a new DA in LA.” Hernandez is serving life without the possibility of parole.

“I got court on the 14th, fool, right here in Compton,” Hernandez can be heard saying.

“So they’re going to drop a gang of, um, like my gun enhancement, my gang enhancement,” he says, referring to the district attorney’s sentencing guidelines.

The guidelines state that there will be no “enhancements” that add time to a sentence. These include added sentences for those who are gang members, or if firearms were used in other crimes.

Both of these are mentioned by Hernandez, who says:

“My gang enhancement is 10 years, fool, for being a gang member. And then the gun in the commission of a crime.”

The district attorney’s guidelines also state that most people would not be able to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

“I’m going to get that n*gga’s name [tattooed] on my face,” said Hernandez, “That’s a champ right there. F*ckin’ Gascon.”

“That’s the n*gga right there, bro. He’s making historic changes for all of us, fool.”

“They’re like ‘you’re coming home, blood.’ My lawyer already told me, ‘you’re coming home.'”


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