MTG: It's Time to Audit Biden Bucks to Ukraine

MTG: It's Time to Audit Biden Bucks to Ukraine

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene highlighted issues around Ukraine and raised flags regarding the FTX cryptocurrency heist and what it may have revealed.

“Is American peoples’ taxpayer dollars going to fund aid in Ukraine, but yet it’s really funding something else that’s happening, maybe lining up Democrat donors’ pockets? Was that helping Democrat campaigns and candidates get elected? she said.

“$8.9 billion is for humanitarian assistance, including emergency food and assistance for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the region and for other countries directly impacted by the conflict. Again,” she asked, “what other countries and how much money went to the other countries, and what organizations are involved? Who runs these organizations, and why did they get the contracts?

“$11.8 billion in other assistance, including for direct budget support to Ukraine and development aid and other assistance to Ukraine and other affected countries. What development aid? What assistance? Who is running this? These are all the questions the American people have,” Greene said.

The Georgia congresswoman laid out her reasoning clearly in a video posted across her social media.

“Today, I’m introducing a House resolution. This is going to enquire requesting the president and directing the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State to transmit, respectably, certain documents to the House of Representatives relating to congressionally appropriated funds to the nation of Ukraine from January 20, 2021, to November 15, 2022. Basically, I’m demanding an audit of all US taxpayer dollars that have been given in any form to Ukraine. We’re defending our nation’s border, we want to understand how Americans’ tax dollars are defending another nation’s border.

“So, here’s what it looks like,” she said.  “In order to introduce a resolution as a member of Congress, we have to have this form filled, I have to sign the top right-hand corner, and then I’ll go into the House chamber and I will submit this and ask for a number.

“They’ll give me a number assigned to the House resolution so that it goes up on our government website and anyone can pull it up and look at it. So I’ll sign it right here,” she said, before signing the paper. “Now it’s ready to go.”


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