Most Americans Reject Child Sex Changes Despite Democrat Efforts to Promote Them

Most Americans Reject Child Sex Changes Despite Democrat Efforts to Promote Them

A vast majority of Americans reject the practice of child sex changes, a new Harvard/Harris poll reveals. This comes even as Democrat ideologues like Rachel Levine continue to promote them.

Overseas, European countries are finally showing  caution when it comes to approving gender transition surgeries for minors, which comes in contrast to the United States’ medical sycophants, which have been advocating for and putting in place procedures despite ethical concerns.

In the U.K., Sweden, Finland, Norway, and France, puberty blockers and gender transition surgeries are permitted for adults. Medical professionals in these countries are finally raising objections and questioning their use on children, though, Fox News reports.

The National Health Service in the UK, for instance, recently announced limitations on hormone treatments, reserving them exclusively for clinical trials.

According to Leor Sapir, a fellow studying transgender care at the Manhattan Institute think tank, these countries have conducted comprehensive reviews of the available evidence.

Their findings indicate that the studies supporting these medical interventions are unreliable, with serious associated risks.

In response to the hesitance of European medical institutions, Republican lawmakers in the U.S. are urging increased scrutiny on the issue.

During a recent congressional hearing, Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw challenged Yale School of Medicine assistant professor Meredithe McNamara on the lack of strong evidence supporting the benefits of permanent physiological changes resulting from gender transition procedures.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Democrats in Congress and across the nation continue to advocate for and establish gender transition services for minors.

This approach has drawn criticism from Republicans, who argue that parents should have the final say in what is best for their children and question the role of politicians in making such decisions.

Republican-led states, including Texas, have taken action to either ban or restrict the use of puberty blockers on minors. Their efforts align with concerns about the long-term consequences of these procedures and the need for more robust evidence before implementing them.


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